LL Cool J wife Simone Smith Rocking a New Look in a Stunning Blue Dress!

Simone Smith, LL Cool J’s beautiful spouse, has boosted her popularity as a style king with a recent Instagram photo that she shared with her fans. It showed her dressed in a chic outfit.

LL Cool J is a popular entertainer in many ways. After conquering the world of music, he began acting. He is best known for his role as NCIS’s star.

The rapper-turned-actor is also in a successful marriage with Simone Smith, with whom he has been Married Since 1995. The couple has four children: a son, three daughters, and a granddaughter.

Smith, despite being a mother to four kids, is still a hottie. She is known for her love for purple and her knack for dressing up in fashionable outfits.

LL Cool J wife Simone Smith Rocking a New Look in a Stunning Blue Dress!

In a Labor Day photo Smith shared on Instagram, Smith chose blue over purple. The photo showed Smith relaxing on a seat.

2016 Launch Celebration of the Ulmer Institute in Beverly Hills, California. Simone Smith and LL Cool J

She wore a blue T-shirt with an oversized print in a thick blue, which she paired well with her denim shorts. Smith clasped her hands and placed them on her stomach. She also showed off her wristwatch and the ring on her right finger.

The golden boots she wore to complete her look reached almost to her knees. Smith sat on the chair and looked straight ahead at the camera while she was relaxing. The caption of the post says that Smith was sitting on the chair. Submitted:


LL Cool J met Smith when he was just 19. Their meeting was accidental. He was driving down the street in his mom’s car when he stopped and said hello to a friend.

The friend asked if he would be interested in meeting his cousin. Initially, LL Cool J wanted his friend to know that he had somewhere to visit. He was astonished to see Smith.

The couple Celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary last year and described it as a celebration of life, which was very understandable given that it also marked Smith’s 14th year of being cancer-free.

In 2004, she has diagnosed with stage 3 chondrosarcoma. It is rare bone cancer. She underwent a 15-hour operation.

After the surgery, she spent two-and-a-half years recuperating and was able to walk again. LL Cool J accompanied Smith during the ordeal, helping her to heal.

The rapper shared his thoughts about marrying Smith and talked about how they made their marriage work. He shared that they make it work by being close friends and keeping things simple. Smith stated that she is inspired by her faith in God, husband, and children.

Like Smith, LL Cool J maintained a youthful look throughout his career. He shared details of how he manages to do this in a chat with the LA Times.

The father of four said he exercises with a trainer as he feels that it is crucial to have someone to push him. He also enjoys watching historical documentaries and geeking out when he wants to relax.

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