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Steven discovered an adorable little girl at a train station crying for her father. Steven was able to recognize the father of the young girl when she sent him a photograph.

Steven worked at the station for more than seven years. It was an ordinary day. He had a job that required him to patrol and stand a great deal, but was generally peaceful. The train was relatively quiet. Most people just wanted to reach their destination as soon as possible.

He mostly dealt with a few rowdy teenagers or assisted someone to get through the correct gate. Steven would take some people’s belongings to the Lost and Found area at the station in the hope that they will find their owner.

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Source: Unsplash| Source: Unsplash

He was happy with his career. He didn’t want to do anything else. Steven did not want to become rich or climb the corporate ladder. Although money is nice, it’s not what matters most in life. It wasn’t for him.

In his dreams, he pictured a woman who was beautiful and had her own family. However, he has yet to meet one. Instead, he visited his parents frequently, helped his cousins raise their kids and attended family events. He loved his mother’s potato salad for potlucks.

He looked at the time, hoping that it had already been a while since lunch. Then he’d have to go another 30 minutes to get his lunch break. Steven walked and began to whistle again. The tap on his back distracted him.

A woman with bright, blonde hair replied: “Excuse you sir.” A little girl is crying in the corner. She’s probably alone.

Steven frowned. “Where?” She pointed. The woman pointed. The little girl was there in a flash. Her cries were heard because she was alone, sitting on a bench.

The man greeted her, leaning slightly. “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“Dad promised to return… waaaah.” The girl answered by yelling. “Dad promised to return… waaaah.”

“Your dad left you here?” Steven asked, appalled.

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Source: Unsplash| Source: Unsplash

She shrugged her shoulders. I came to await him.”

“Oh, well. “Where’s your mother?”

Steven raised his eyebrows at this answer. It was possible that the girl had run away from home and to the train station when her mother wasn’t paying attention. As he walked away, he told his colleagues that a girl was lost.

This was standard protocol. It was protocol. He may have told his mother to call the police and that they will come get her. Steven sat down with her on the bench after finishing the conversation.

Steven comforted his still crying daughter, saying “Everything is going to be okay.” Your mommy and dad will be there. Probably.”

“Really?” “Really?” The girl stopped crying and looked at the sky with hope on her face.

Oops. It was a mistake. I may be wrong.Steven nodded. “Well, possibly. “But it would be better for you to wait with your mother at home than at the station alone.” Steven said, and panicked immediately when the girl’s face began to crumple.

He urged, “Wait! Don’t cry anymore.” “Tell about your dad.” “What did he teach you?”

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Source: Unsplash| Source: Unsplash

“He left. “As always. It’s always the same. It’s not long enough,” replied the little girl, lips quivering.

He’s been away too long? Steven spoke, turning his side of the mouth as he tried to understand her. Her father would probably be traveling on business and return shortly. They didn’t understand time. She misses him.

“Yes. “Too long,” she said, nodding thoughtfully.

Before Steven could continue, the comm beeped and his co-worker said that the mother was located, and she was on her way to the police station. It was reported that she had called the police around an hour ago after the child ran off from her in the grocery store nearby.

Steven turned to his child and thanked him. “Girly your mother is on her way.” “You get to go back,” he said.

She said “OK” with a dejected tone.

He desperately wanted her to be happy. Have you got a photograph of your father?” I might be able to help. Here I am. “If I see him again, I will tell him to hurry back to his daughter.”

She reached for the crumpled piece of paper in her pocket. Steven smiled and opened it, but the paper fell out when he looked at it. This picture was of the girl in question, who would have been around a year older when taken. There was a beautiful woman, too, but beside her was… his brother, Andy.

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Source: Unsplash| Source: Unsplash

Andy never came back to his hometown after leaving at 18. He said that he always wanted to get out of their little town and go somewhere else. He warned his family that they were dragging him downward. The family was a burden for him.

Andy was contacted by Steven after their grandfather’s death, but he declined to come or assist at the funeral. He eventually blocked Steven’s number. Andy hadn’t spoken to him for over ten year.

Andy was shocked to learn that he had become a dad. It was even worse that his parents lived there, which meant he’d been in town all along. He had not visited or spoken to their parents.

The little girl in the photo and the gorgeous woman, who ran towards them as her hair flew with the fast movement, knew they would never see him again.

“Samantha! She said breathlessly, “Oh my God!” She said, “Oh my God!” as she wrapped her arms around the girl and began to cry. How could you have done this to me?” “I was scared!”

A little girl bowed her head and said: “Sorry mommy.”

Steven was angry when he saw them. First time in his life, Steven was furious with his brother. Andy’s behaviour had always been justified to him by Andy being ambitious. It was different this time. Andy abandoned his family.

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Source: Unsplash| Source: Unsplash

“Hey, sir. “Oh my,” she finally glanced up at Steven and her little girl. You’re amazing. It’s been a long time since I thought she was abducted or worse. Thank you.”

It may sound strange, but your husband is named Andy? Standing on the bench, he inquired.

“Oh, well. We never got married. The woman said, “But we’re together. She looked up at the top part of her child’s head. “She waited for him right?”

“Yes. He said, “She gave me this photo.” “Ma’am. Andy is my older brother.”

“What?” “What?”

You could call us estranged. The story is long. He didn’t like being tied to his hometown or family. He had ambitions,” Steven rambled. We didn’t even know you existed. “What’s your first name?”

“Andy said to me that he did not have any family,” she replied, slightly shaking her head. Clara and Samantha are here. That’s impossible. It makes… no… sense.”

Steven knew when she squinted at Steven that her eyes were adjusting to the slight similarity. Clara? “Nice meeting you. I’m Steven. Where’s Andy?” He asked him directly.

She looked back in shame, and again shook the head. She mouthed, “He’s left us.”

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash| Source: Unsplash

Steven, who was a brother of his, finally cut him off…figuratively. Well, I just want to let you know that you are not alone. My parents are very excited to have you two meet them.

Clara’s smile brightened. Steven discovered later that she was alone and welcomed the thought of Clara having cousins, grandparents and extended family.

He replied, “Let me contact my mom.” They quickly blended into the family after he introduced them. Steven ensured that Clara and Samantha would never need Andy again. It was all they needed.

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