Lisa Bonet Supposedly Forcing Jason Momoa A Curfew To Keep him Away From Women, Sketchy Claims

It is Jason Momoa too attractive for Lisa Bonet’s liking? According to one report, she is the Game of ThronesOut of fear that he would steal her, star is on a very short leash. Gossip Cop investigates.

Lisa Bonet’s ‘Leash On Jason’

It’s no secret that Momoa is a sex symbol. Momoa is a sex symbol. AquamanStar has even drawn sketches Jimmy Kimmel Live!His sexiness was the main focus. Per OK!, this sexy reputation rubs Momoa’s wife the wrong way.

“Everywhere Jason goes, he gets hit on, and a lot of women are pretty aggressive about it,”An insider said. It’s hard for her to abide by this since Momoa is gone for most of the year. Sources say that the High FidelityStar set the standard: She “wants Jason home by a certain hour, they have to FaceTime at regular intervals and when she calls, he has to answer right away or have a very good reason why not.”

Momoa and Bonet are still being abused, despite this source insisting. “are solid as a rock, and Lisa is happy that Jason’s doing so well in his career.” She just wants to ensure his eye doesn’t. The words end the story. “Now we know who wears the pants!”

What’s Going On With Jason Momoa?

The story’s sexism is exposed in the last line. It attempts to demasculate Momoa, making him appear to be a pushover about his wife or some other thing. Gossip Cop sees stories like this all the time about Prince Harry, and it’s just really regressive and dumb.

This is false. Momoa has not been out partying every night because, just before this tabloid was published, it was revealed that he’s COVID-19 can make you sick. He wasn’t filming or doing much of anything for a few weeks, making this story look really foolish due to its poor timing.

Before she was his husband, Bonet was Momoa’s Celebrities crush. They began dating in 2005 and were married in 2017. Together, they are raising a family. This story doesn’t come close to accurately portraying their relationship.

Trashy Stories Abound

OK!Regularly targets the stars Game of ThronesMomoa is, at the very least, in familiar company. However, it was falsely reported that Sophie Turner was neglecting Joe Jonas during the premiere party in 2019. It was also reported Rose Leslie, Kit Harington, and Rose Leslie were both struggling after the show ended. They had once been promised that they would end their relationship. 

Harington checked into rehab around that time, but they’ve persevered. While Momoa and Bonet have a healthy and happy relationship, this story is just plain silly.

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