Line up for Celebrity Masterchef 2020 revealed: Emmerdale actresses, Love Island stars and Strictly professionals heading to the kitchen

Celebrities will once again battle in the MasterChef kitchen to win the title of Celebrity MasterChef.

John Torode, Gregg Wallace and others will keep a watchful eye on all the contestants to see if the have the talent required to win the BBC One competition.

MasterChef is back with a celeb line-up


MasterChef returns with an all-star line upShine TV/BBC

The celebs’ culinary abilities will be tested over the course of six weeks.

The hope is that they will follow the example of Lisa Snowdon last year, who took home the trophy.

It’s a cast that’s more glamorous and dazzling than ever thanks to two Love Island faves, one Strictly professional, a rapper who won an award, as well as one of Britain’s most admired armchair critics.

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Amy Walsh

Soap star Amy will be hoping to impress


Amy the soap actress will hope to impressCredit: BBC

Amy from the soap opera will brave the intense heat in the MasterChef Kitchen to prepare a tasty dish.

She has appeared in Emmerdale on ITV since 2014. However, she took a break last year when her partner Toby Alexander Smith and herself welcomed their first child.

Amy appears to have squeezed in an appearance on the program while she was on maternity.

Kimberley Walsh, the sister of Girls Aloud star Kimberley and her new-born daughter will hope that their time spent in the kitchen helps them to prepare the best meals at home.

Hip-hop artist is on the bill

21 – Hip-hop artist on the BillCredit: BBC, the Black Eyed Peas’ star is one of this year’s most unexpected entrants.

Since its founding, the 48-year-old rapper has worked with Will.I.Am, a legendary US rapper, and Taboo, a fellow rapper.

As a Fillipino, he will introduce flavours and recipes from his homeland to win over the judges.

The group has been a huge success, with numerous awards and platinum albums. They have also had many top singles in the charts around the world.

Cheryl Hole

Cheryl will bring some glamour to the line-up


Cheryl is a glamorous addition to the lineupCredit: BBC

Cheryl Hole, the UK’s RuPaul Drag Race star, hopes to join her drag artist colleagues on the show.

Kitty Scott-Claus has shown her cooking prowess, as have Baga chipz. But now is Cheryl’s chance to compete for the top spot.

Luke Underwood Bleach (also known as Cheryl) is a 29-year-old actor who appeared in the BBC Three series’ first British edition.

Dani Dyer

Dani will likely whip up a storm


Dani is likely to cause a ruckusCredit: BBC

Dani is a popular TV personality after she won the nation’s heart on Love Island.

Dani is the daughter of Danny EastEnders, a former actor. She has had an impressive career as a star in reality TV shows and inspiring documentaries. As well as being a’mumfluencers’ it would seem that Dani does not have any limits.

Jarrod, her West Ham footballer boyfriend and 26-year old TV star, recently welcomed their twins Summer and Star.

Dani has a beautiful young son named Santiago.

Dave Benson Phillips

Dave is hoping to impress


Dave hopes to impressCredit: BBC

Dave, the 58-year-old TV and entertainment presenter hopes to inject some zing into MasterChef’s kitchen.

Star is known for his role as an important presenter in children’s programs, such as Playhouse Disney or Fun Song Factory.

He has recently made a career change that has him working at Pontins as a bluecoat while also wrestling.

Dave hopes that the BBC Cookery Contest will help to launch his television career.

Dianne Buswell

Will Dianne find her feet in the kitchen


Dianne will she find her footing in the kitchen?Credit: BBC

Dianne, the red-haired beauty with the dazzling smile is an expert on the dancefloor. But can she do the same in the kitchen as well?

The Aussie will hope that she is able to pull off all stops in order to win the title.

Dianne began her career as a professional dancer in the BBC talent show’s 2017 edition after working previously on the Australian version.

She reached the finals of 2018 with Joe Sugg, a former YouTuber and performer. They later began dating.


Jamelia is taking part this year


Jamelia takes part this yearCredit: BBC

It’s true that Jamelia sang of being a Superstar, but is the same to be said about her culinary skills?

When it comes to cooking, the singer-songwriter is going to try to make a spectacle out of her food.

After a successful career in the music industry, Jamelia turned her attention to television work. She was even invited to join the Loose Women panel.

The actress has kept her acting side alive with a few small roles and an appearance on Strictly.

James Buckley

Actor James is looking to score


James, the actor is on a mission to get a scoreCredit: BBC

James’ character Jay Cartwright in the E4 hit sitcom The Inbetweeners was an absolute menace. But can the actor say the same when it comes to the intense heat that is the MasterChef universe?

A 35-year-old actor has gained fame for his role as a teen comedian.

What will John and Gregg make of the celebrity’s food?


DJ Locksmith is going for the win


DJ Locksmith is aiming for victoryCredit: BBC

Rudimental’s lead singer is sure be a success in the kitchen.

Locksmith is 36 and a genius in the world of music thanks to his epic records productions, DJing, and record mixing.

Will he make it far in the difficult contest?

Luca Bish

Luca will put some love into his food


Luca loves to cook and will do so with passionCredit: BBC

Hunky Luca (24), will be forced to accept that all eyes are on his dish as he cooks a storm.

Last summer, the Brighton boy rose to fame after appearing on Love Island where he starred with Gemma Owen.

Before appearing on ITV2’s dating show, he was a fishmonger in his family business.

Don’t be shocked if you see Luca cooking up epic fish dishes right, left and centre.

Marcus Brigstocke

Marcus is on the line-up


Marcus has joined the lineupCredit: BBC

Marcus, the comedian, will push himself to the limit for this competition.

A career of comedy on TV, radio and stage has spanned 50 years.

If he wants to stay in the competition, he’ll need more than just some jokes.

Max George

Max could be the most Wanted in the kitchen


Max may be most wanted in the kitchenCredit: BBC

Max the Heartthrob will make sure that his meals are full of love.

Wanted, the 34-year-old pop star, has proven he is capable of doing almost anything.

His number-one hits include a US sitcom Glee, and he has even shown off his dancing skills on Strictly.

Has he added ‘chef ‘to his list of job titles?

Mica Ven

Mica has ditched the Gogglebox sofa for the kitchen


Mica ditched her Gogglebox couch for the kitchenCredit: BBC

Mica, along with her partner Marcus, became famous on Channel 4’s Gogglebox.

The couple, however, left before the final series of the program to pursue other opportunities.

Mica made an appearance in Celebrity MasterChef.

Mica is going to be ecstatic after he goes from being a show watcher for a living, to actually appearing on the show!

Michael Praed

Actor Michael is taking part


Michael the Actor is a participantCredit: BBC

Michael, who is 63 years old, was best known in 1980s for playing Robin of Loxley on the series Robin of Sherwood.

Michael has even a connection to his competitor on the contest this year.

From 2016 to 2019, Frank played in Emmerdale on ITV.

Amy Walsh, a fellow MasterChef and Tracy’s daughter, plays Frank.

We’ll see some father-daughter rivalry in the series.

Remi Burgz

Will Remi win the show?


Who will win Remi’s show?Credit: BBC

Remi, a radio and DJ star has watched her career flourish over the past two years.

Regular on BBC Radio 1Xtra she rose quickly to the top of the list and took over from Yasmin the Breakfast Show.

Remi, who is Nigerian by heritage, could win this year’s contest with the help of the food from her country.

Richie Anderson

Richie is switching the airwaves for MasterChef


Richie has taken over the MasterChef airwavesCredit: BBC

Richie’s appearances on Zoe Balls Breakfast Show, BBC Radio 2, are his most popular performances.

Birmingham-born 35 year old works for the station as a travel journalist and enjoyed a short stint last year on Strictly.

Richie is hoping he can last longer on the cooking floor than he could have done in the dancing.

Sam Fox

Sam Fox will be spicing up proceedings


Sam Fox spiced up proceedingsCredit: BBC

Sam, the UK’s Glamour Girl has had a successful career.

After starting out as a model, she quickly became one the most prominent faces in glamour.

To show that she could do more, she released a series of hits in dance music.

She has also been a regular on TV, and she’s visited both the Celeb Big Brother House and the Aussie Jungle.

Shazia Mirza

Has shazia got what it takes?


What does shazia have it take?Credit: BBC

Shazia is a multi-award-winning comic who will go to any lengths to get into the MasterChef finale.

She is also a columnist, and a TV personality.

Her previous appearances include Celebrity Island, a reality show on Channel 4, and Celebs in Solitary, a short-lived Channel 5 program.

Terry Christian

Will Terry impress the judges?


Terry will impress the Judges?Credit: BBC

Terry, a 63-year old journalist and broadcaster will hope that his cooking skills are on par with John’s and Gregg’s.

Terry’s most notable role is as the host of Channel 4’s late-night talk show The Word and ITV’s It’s My Life, which deals with moral issues.

Terry’s food will hopefully be a hit.

Wynne Evans

Wynne is stepping out of his comfort zone


Wynne steps out of his comfort zonesCredit: BBC

Wynne has become a legendary opera singer thanks to the TV commercials he’s created.

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Wynne is hoping that his appearance on Celeb MasterChef can help him show the world a side of himself other than the car insurance advertisements.

Can he pick up that crown?

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