Lil Duval suffers broken leg when a car hits him.

Lil Duval posted on his Instagram that he was in an accident after being struck by a car while in the Bahamas. Here’s what happened.

He was enjoying his beach time and was recording his adventures for his fans. In his Instagram story, he demonstrated that he enjoyed a spin on his four-wheeler.

The 45-year old took a frightening turn however.

Lil Duval was in a car accident

The comedian uploaded stories about his four-wheeler adventures hours after posting them. Taken to Instagram and stunned fans with another video.

Lil Duval stated in the caption that he was hit in the head by a car in his Bahamas four-wheeler. He also said that he had broken his leg and needed to fly to Nassau, Bahamas for surgery.

“Somebody hit me in the car while I was on my four-wheeler. Now, my leg broke and I gotta get flown over to Nassau and have surgery,”He wrote.

In the video, you can see the star in pain as the ambulance takes him to his private jet. A group of people are helping the comedian.

Fans who are worried for him wish him well

After the viral video of his star’s performance, fans and friends sent well wishes and prayers to him.

“@lilduval praying for a speedy recovery, I just read about your accident, ” One fan said so.

“Damn Lil Duval broke his leg in an accident,” A second fan wrote.

What’s the star up to these stars?

The comedian has been enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas over the past few days, and will need to have surgery.

He posted videos showing how he felt. The island’s scenic beauty is breathtaking.

“I don’t know why y’all keep trying me and the Bahamas. Especially while I’m actually down here. any beach u show on earth I can show u exact same thing except clearer,”The 45-year old teased his fans in Recent Instagram posts.

He also posted another video. Jet-skiing on the crystal clear waters of the Island.

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Lil Duval, a comedian who was hit by a car in an accident, is left with a broken leg

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