Life Has Never Been The Same Since Courtney Waldrop’s Sign From God

Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop is feeling nostalgic after spotting a rainbow the other day. She sees the promise in rainbows to remind us all to appreciate God’s blessings. The mother of nine took her back nearly four years ago to see the lastest rainbow. She was pregnant with the sextuplets.

At that time, the Sweet Home Sextuplets mom was just a mother of three boys. Eric Waldrop was anxious about what the future held for her and her six children. Plus, anxious and scared, they’d rise to the occasion and be good parents o all nine children. Courtney saw the rainbow and knew that it was a sign from God that everything would turn out well. Courtney now knows that that moment would change her life forever.

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Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney Waldrop Finds Peace With Rainbows

Sweet Home Sextuplets mother of nine Courtney Waldrop knew once she saw the most vibrant rainbow after a storm that all would be well when she and Eric welcomed their sextuplets. There were many unknowns. However, once God’s promise was revealed in a perfect rainbow, Courtney knew she and Eric would be fine. Reality show mom Courtney was always a freak for rainbows. The Lord was clearly showing her that the rainbow was a sign. She knew it, felt it, believed it, and felt God’s love surround her and her six little miracles growing inside her.

The Sweet Home Sextuplets matriarch realized od gave them that beautiful rainbow to offer then the assurance they needed just then. When their rainbow of children was born, the hospital color-coded them using the colors from the rainbow. This was another way God answered their prayers. HE once again showed his power with another sign of affirmation and assurance.

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Courtney Waldrop Once Again Is Sent A Reminder From Above

Sweet Home Sextuplets celebrity Courtney Waldrop shares a photo of her six toddlers inside God’s promise of a rainbow. Like the rainbow she saw while pregnant with her beautiful children, Courtney’s assured that God’s got her and her family. Eric and she both agree that this rainbow looks as bright as the one they saw four years earlier. Again she and Eric see this as a sign that they’re headed down the right path.

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Courtney’s in awe, looking at the rainbow and seeing Rayne, Rivers, Rawlings, Blu, Layke, and Tag underneath. At this moment, she realizes, “WOW….Look What’s HE Done!!

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