Liam Payne Creates Twitter Stan Account To NFTs

Liam Payne has decided to branch out from his 34,000,000 Twitter followers and create his own crypto-centric microfollowing via his new stan account.

Former One Direction member, invited his audience to join him on his new account. @PaynoETHThis blog is dedicated to the exclusive posting of the most recent developments in the world non-fungible tokens.

Payne posted the following tweet for his first tweet about the account. He gained 26,000 followers in just half an hour. His handle is inspired by Ethereum’s blockchain. “This is the start of something new for me which is always exciting. Come with me on this crazy NFT journey as I share more with what’s going on in my world.”

The singer started dabbling in NFTs last year and has since almost solely posted about the cryptocurrency on his main account, save the occasional post about other artists’ music. His new burner account is a relief for fans tired of having their timeline filled with Nifty Gateway links every time Payne joins a new NFT Twitter Spaces conversationroom.

Most recently, he revealed himself to be a member of the NFT collection World of Women, which aims to crack crypto’s overwhelmingly male scene and has also infiltrated Reese Witherspoon’s Twitter account.

For the rest of Payne’s fans who aren’t well versed in the world of NFTs, and the ones who couldn’t care less about them, not to worry. @LiamPaynewill remain active and be able to handle far less crypto-talk.

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