Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Distancing’ From Camila Morrone Before She Turns 25

Leonardo DiCaprio’sThis is a well-known fact. His current girlfriend, an actress and model. Camila Morrone, turning 25 years old this summer, does this spell doom for the pair’s four-year relationship? That’s what one tabloid reports this week.

Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Tiring’ Of Camila Morrone?

Life & StyleThis week’s question: “Is Leo Tiring of Camila?”According to tabloids, Leonardo DiCaprio’s career as an actor has been characterized by a reputation for being a “regular guy” over the past 20 years. “perpetual bachelor” thanks to the fact that he hasn’t publicly dated anyone over the age of 25. Since Camila Morrone, DiCaprio’s girlfriend of four years, is turning 25 in June this year, the outlet and its sources aren’t too optimistic about the couple’s future together. 

“They really have had a great relationship,”Insisted on a source. “He’s the perpetual bachelor, though, and can’t seem to shake that mentality.” Morrone hasn’t even turned the big two-five yet, but the relationship is allegedly already cooling off, the source continues. 

These are the Two Reasons Why ‘Cooling Off’

“Leo has been distancing himself from Camila and spending more time partying with his boys,”The snitch comments, adding: “Friends see the same clues he always shows before dumping a girl!” What’s the cause of this sudden shift? The source has answers, but we aren’t too certain those answers are trustworthy. Apparently, Morrone’s rising star and recent successes as an actress are to blame for the couple’s relationship woes. 

Until fairly recently, Morrone’s biggest role was as the lead in the 2019 indie film Mickey and the Bear, but she’s been cast in a main role in Amazon’s new original series Daisy Jones & The SixThis is what has catapulted her career even further. “Leo seems to lose interest when his partner becomes more successful,”The source claims. “No one in his inner circle is exactly why, but it could just be because it means more time apart.” 

Despite the fact that DiCaprio and Morrone were recently spotted vacationing with friends in St. Barts, the source seems convinced that the end is nigh for the two’s relationship.  “Camila is sweet, very positive and super low-maintenance. Leo could end up regretting it if he lets her go.” Though the source appears to think of Morrone and DiCaprio’s split as a forgone conclusion, we’re not so certain. 

Gossip Cop has its own take on the matter

First of all, it’s ridiculous that this source and tabloid claim Leonardo DiCaprio drops his lady loves as soon as their star begins to rise. He dated Blake Lively in 2011, who was at the height of her career after four years of leading Teen Drama. Gossip Girl. He also dated one of the world’s most famous supermodels, Giselle Bündchen, from 1999 to 2004. It would appear that success is not a factor in DiCaprio’s break ups since he’s consistently dated some of the most successful women in Hollywood and beyond. 

It’s also too early to tell if Camila Morrone’s upcoming birthday will spell doom or signal a new era in DiCaprio’s dating life. It’s true that DiCaprio’s previous partners’ ages topped off at 25, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Morrone’s on her way out the door. She’s only 24 years old. She still has a little over a year before turning 26, which would mark a historic milestone in DiCaprio’s dating career.

It doesn’t help L&S’s case that we’ve caught them spreading misinformation about DiCaprio’s relationship with Morrone multiple times in the past. In the past two years, the outlet has flipped between claiming DiCaprio was ready and not ready to propose and claiming they were at the breaking point and ready to leave each other. Neither story had any truth to it, which is why we can’t help but view anything the tabloid publishes on the subject with a healthy amount of skepticism. 

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