Lennie’s biggest battle when playing Morgan

Lennie's biggest battle when playing Morgan

The “The Walking Dead”, as well “Fear The Walking Dead,” creative teams have always gone above and beyond to ensure that Morgan Jones story remains fresh and exciting for Lennie James, and the franchise’s fans. James’ brilliant performance in Morgan Jones’ story has been a driving force for fans to stay engaged. James revealed to CBR that this was a difficult task in itself. The most difficult part about playing Morgan was making the choices he makes and his fate believable [as] A man [so] As an actor he added, “If he stopped entertaining me, then he’d stop engaging everyone else.”

Not only has James kept Morgan interesting, but he has also helped build him into one of the most important characters in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” franchise. James’ absence from the “The Walking Dead” universe is even more remarkable, given his long-term absence. James’ first appearance in 2010 was as the main character of “The Walking Dead.” However, his second came in a brief one-off episode late in Season 3 James also took off Season 4, not returning to a zombie-infested world until Season 5.

Narrative gaps aside, Morgan’s early appearances are pretty much the stuff of “The Walking Dead” legend. The same is true for Morgan’s subsequent storylines. James is free to continue his career in the “The Walking Dead’ universe, even though it appears that “Fear The Walking Dead’s” time on screen has ended. This is assuming that James finds the character interesting.

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