Legacies Season 3 : Hope’s death inevitable?

The third season of Legacies will be concluding with a massive cliffhanger. In the previous week, the 15th episode of the third season aired on the CW. In the 15th episode of Legacies, Hope, the protagonist, came across something which will change her perception about everything.

Legacies Season 3 : Hope's death inevitable?

When Hope was hallucinating, she was transcended to a very similar universe to Star Wars. Moreover, she was accompanied by Josie and Lizzie as she realized she needs to tap into the vampirism side to obliterate Malivore. Also, she feels that she’s the only person powerful enough to stop Malivore, and becoming a hybrid would get the job done.

Legacies Season 3: Will Hope die in the third season?

Amid this tough time, Josie and Lizzie managed to do everything in their power to comfort Klaus’ daughter. The truth about Hope is that she has to die once as a mortal to reach a new potential. Her strength could increase significantly as the third season is reaching its finale.

Legacies Season 3 : Hope's death inevitable?

The is an absolute rule that everyone needs to follow to access the raw power of the vampire. However, Hope doesn’t want to access the vampire power as it would mean leaving her humanity behind.

Legacies Season 3: What more is in store for Hope?

It’s been quite some time that Hope has been trying her best to get over the fact that she and Landon ended their relationship. As the series progresses, there would be a significant amount of angsty drama.

Legacies Season 3 : Hope's death inevitable?

The fifteenth episode furthermore concluded as Clark returned after he was presumed dead in the series. As of now, there is no revelation of what is to come in the future seasons. Other than the fact that Hope is thinking about becoming a tribrid, the ultimate vampire is the only way she could defeat Malivore for good.

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