LeAnn Rimes has finally conquered this unique ‘Terror’

LeAnn Rimes has finally conquered this unique 'Terror'

LeAnn Rimes went to work on November 18th. InstagramTo share something personal. The “How Do I Live”Hitmaker revealed that she is “had a deep fear of cold water”Since she can remember, she’s been expressing her gratitude. “a real terror that arises within me as soon as the cold hits my body.”Rimes shared a clip of her filling up a freezing-cold bath outside with ice cubes, as well as the moment she was sitting in the tub. “Something got into me recently and I decided to not only take the plunge (pun intended), but actually, consciously schedule a time and pay for someone to whip together a bath, full of ice, in our backyard for me to submerge myself in,”She explained. Grammy Award Winner bravely laid down in the tub for a short time, noting that it was hot. “life-changing experience.”

Rimes continued: “I also convinced Eddie [her husband] to join in on my little exploration and since he used to take ice baths when he played football, he 100% didn’t think I would go through with it. He didn’t really want to go through with it either because he knows how painful ice baths can be. So, I know, secretly, he was hoping I would back out.”Rimes was seen warming up by working out in what appeared to be her backyard at the end of the clip.

LeAnn is now free to pursue her next endeavor, also known as her hero. “Home for the Holidays” tour,This event will take place in December.

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