Lawsuit Against Gynecologist Who Used His Sperm to Impregnate A Mother without Permission!

This month a 35-year-old woman filed a case against her gynecologist. She claims he secretly used his sperm to impregnate her mother—and she was not his only victim. 

After making a shocking discovery, a woman sued a New York fertility specialist. He allegedly used his sperm in an attempt to immunize several women without their consent.

After conducting DNA genealogy tests, the woman believes she has about nine half-siblings. The accused doctor is Morris Wortman, who worked in Rochester during the 1980s.


Lawsuit Against Gynecologist Who Used His Sperm to Impregnate A Mother without Permission!

Families were purportedly led to believe an anonymous local medical student was the sperm donor. Even after his biological daughter became his gynecology patient, the doctor kept the bizarre secret.

Stories of malpractice on behalf of fertility doctors have become more common in the news recently. Thanks to innovative websites such as and 23andMe, discoveries linked to genealogy are increasing.

Dr. Morris Wortman Accused of Secretly Impregnating Patient

— k (@kathysmith2k7) September 15, 2021


The highly personal story led the woman who is taking legal action against Wortman to ask for privacy. According to the woman, she declined interview requests.

While her identity remains a secret, other people, who claim their mothers experienced a similar fate under the watch of Wortman, are speaking out.

Carl Lore II was stunned to discover that he was conceived via artificial insemination in early 2019. It turns out that his mother was lying to him about the donor. DNA testing has shown that Dr. Morris Wortman is the one. #ROC

— MarciaGreenwood (@MarciaGreenwood) September 15, 2021


According to the legal files, the doctor’s actions shocked the conscience and have left many outraged. The woman purportedly knew about her past links to artificial insemination, but there was more to her story than expected.

Wortman was “revered” in her family because he helped her mother. They didn’t realize how much he had helped them. When the woman took a genetic test in 2016, she grew suspicious about the “anonymous sperm donation.”

Woman sues her gynecologist of nine years after discovering she’s his biological daughter, lawsuit claims

This is just creepy. Could she be another victim? Be careful, ladies. Don’t hesitate to bring a trusted female friend.

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She found herself linking with various half-siblings. One of these people was David Berry. Berry and the woman were at first happy to discover they were related. But their feelings changed as time went on.

Berry said:

“On one hand you’re grateful for your existence … On the other, I don’t know how you forgive the violation of confidence and trust that a woman puts into her physician.”

To make this easier, could we please see a show of hands of all those whose father is NOT Dr. Morris Wortman? We are grateful.

— Bob Lonsberry (@BobLonsberry) September 15, 2021


The woman also shared that Wortman frequently asked her personal questions about her family. He also introduced her to his wife at one point.

The woman purports that during one appointment, Wortman said: “You’re a really good kid, such a good kid”—A comment which makes much more sense now.

well, it was anonymous to them, and he IS a doctor after all…good genes

— Make It Happen (@captainkirkskid) September 13, 2021


The lawsuit accuses the doctor and his clinic of various charges, including medical malpractice and fraud. However, since the incident occurred in the eighties, it is suggested that the doctor may not be charged for his actions.

The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office explained that too much time had elapsed since the crime. Spokesperson Calli Marianetti said: “Any criminal action is barred by the statute of limitations.”

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