Law and Order: SVU’s Benson will finally address her feelings for Stabler. The timing could mean everything

Law and Order: SVU's Benson will finally address her feelings for Stabler. The timing could mean everything

Since then, fans have loved the dynamic that Olivia Benson (MariskaHargitay), and Elliot Stabler(Christopher Meloni). Law & Order: SVU In the beginning, he introduced the pair as partners. The dynamic between them has been difficult (to put it mildly) ever since he returned from his lengthy absence as a star. Organized Crime The spinoff shows the relationship between them on occasion. The show now has an SVU executive producer has revealed that Benson will soon address her feelings, and I’d say that fans should take note of the timing. 

SVU Julie Martin was Julie Martin’s executive producer/writer. Twitter With some great news for viewers that have been waiting for developments on the Benson/Stabler front. Posting about the NYPD Captain: 

Rollins will be speaking to her about Stabler’s feelings in Episode 9 on December 8, 2008.

Now, Julie Martin’s message doesn’t give away whether or not the talk with Rollins about Stabler will be a full conversation or just a quick comment, but fans can look forward to it either way, as Benson has gone some time without giving any hints. It is probably safe to say that the focus of the episode – called “And A Trauma In A Pear Tree” – will be more on Rollins than Benson, as it will be Kelli Giddish’s final episode as a series regular, and the first half of Season 24 has been building to how Rollins says goodbye (A Rollisi Wedding). 

The timing Benson discusses her feelings towards her ex partner, is still interesting given what just happened to Stabler. Organized Crime. Although the confession itself didn’t happen on screen, his friend Tia revealed that he had drunkenly admitted to her that there is a woman he’s in love with. Stabler avoided giving Tia any answers and never once dropped Benson’s name, but who else would he have declared his love for while in his cups? It wouldn’t be the first time that OC Benson could have gotten a hint, but it was only for Benson. Being on his mind.

You can get started now with SVU about to cover Benson’s feelings for Stabler in the very next episode following his drunken off-screen love admission on OC, I have to wonder: could the two shows be coordinating on a plan for the two characters, for better or worse? The current television season was not yet underway.OC Bryan Goluboff, showrunner (who has Sean Jablonski has been installed in its place.He and Julie Martin agreed to communicate. Their respective shows: What happened? for some “synchronicity.” Does it seem like a random coincidence? SVU So, we will immediately address Benson and Stabler. OC You implicitly address them? 

Honestly, the answer may simply be that both shows wanted to give unrelated nods to passionate fans of the pair before going into their winter hiatuses, from which they won’t return until January in the 2023 TV premiere schedule. There’s no sign that Christopher Meloni is guest-starring in the SVU Episode or Mariska Hargitay will be featured in the Fall Finale of Organized Crime. EP Julie Martin still has one reason to celebrate an episode. Rollins had a great ending Carisi. 

In the finale for fall, Benson speaks out about Stabler to Rollins. Law & Order: SVU Wednesday, December 8, 2009 at 9:59 p.m. ET on NBC, and don’t change the channel if you want to see if Stabler mentions Benson in the Organized Crime At 10 p.m., the fall finale ET. ET. Peacock Premium subscription.

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