Law and Order SVU Season 23 Two Ex-Main Cast Members Disappointed Fans!

Law & Order: SVU In a shocking move, the cast of Season 23 is going into Season 23 without their two most beloved characters. According to reports, Jamie Gray Hyder (who plays Officer Kat Taemin) and Demore Barnes (who portrays Deputy Chief Christian Garland) will be leaving the NBC procedural at its 23r season. Sources claimed that Jamie Gray Hyder, who plays Officer Kat Taemin, and Demore Barnes (who portrays Deputy Chief Christian Garland), are set to leave the NBC procedural at the start of its 23r season. Deadline In the two-hour season premiere of the show, the two leading actors would be written out. It airs on Thursday, September 23rd.

Hyder confirmed her departure from NBC, even though NBC has not yet announced the planned departures. “with a heavy heart”The actress shared the news in a Facebook post just a few days later. The actress stated, “the decision was made above my pay grade and wouldn’t have been my choice.”Hyder also added “to anyone who felt represented by any part of Kat’s being or mission, please know that you will always have representation in me” And thanked the fandom “for welcoming me with open arms.”She stated that her time on the program has been a blessing. “been an experience I have grown from greatly.”

Law and Order SVU Season 23 Two Ex-Main Cast Members Disappointed Fans!

Hyder and Barnes were both members of Law & Order: SVU They have cast members in Season 21 and then promoted to regulars in the following season. They quickly became fan-favorite cast members, which made news of their impending departures devastating to fans. As DeadlineAfter the news was confirmed by multiple outlets, a report from’s surfaced. Many viewers took to Twitter to express sadness and shock over the departures. Scroll down to see their responses.

‘Huge Mistake’

“Really upset about this,” One fan was tweeted after learning the news. “Two wonderful characters but even better, they are amazing humans. [Demore Barnes] is GOLD. I dunno, these departures just hit differently. You both will be missed.”

‘Didn’t expect it

“The squad is short-staffed as it is and now Kat is leaving? She didn’t even get the chance to get promoted to detective and they just got here,” Another fan wrote. “I certainly didn’t see it coming for these two, they seemed like they were having fun on and off camera. Such a shame.”

“So Wrong”

“Jamie Gray Hyder & Demore Barnes exiting to Svu in the season 23 premiere,” Another person commented broke heart emoji was added by. “I really can’t believe it, this beauty is big family are going to separate I have tears in my eyes when I heard this news I was so shocked, it’s two legends will already leave Svu.”

They will be missed

“Ugh, why are they letting go of Jamie Gray Hyder’s character Kat,” Ask somebody else. “She brought something different to the show & wish she was staying. Will definitely miss her.”

‘Doesn’t make any sense’

“Really sad to see [Demore Barnes] leave SVU,” Shared with another person. “I’ve really enjoyed him on screen, and after coming to social media and seeing what an incredibly nice human he is, I’ve loved him even more. We’re really going to miss you, Demore!”

This is a terrible thing

“Shame,” One viewer declared the news. “Kat was the much-needed bi representation we needed, a good cop who had the same verve as baby Benson. Garland was a good Chief who had the squad’s back. I’ll miss them both.”

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