Law and Order: SVU is bringing back a former series regular in Season 23

Law and Order: SVU is bringing back a former series regular in Season 23

Law & Order: SVUFans will be able to catch up on the latest news from the show while it’s on a brief break. A former series regular will be returning to the show for a part of what is left of Season 23. Demore Barnes returns as Christian Garland. 

Demore Barnes will be back Law & Order: SVUIn a upcoming episode of SVUSeason 23 according To Give me my remoteThe episode will air on NBC, but there aren’t any details about when it will air or who will bring back the character. Garland was an important part of the team during his time as NYPD’s deputy chief. But Chief McGrath replaced him. This made a bad impression that hasn’t improved on Benson. 

Garland left the job prior to being fired because of politics at Season 23. So it’s unlikely that Special Victims will be working with Garland as an official NYPD member. Then again, SVUStabler was initially written out to retire. Organized CrimeGarland could create a new story overseas, which would be a great opportunity to bring him back. 

OCIs it bringing back the past? SVUCragen will also be appearing as a series regular, but it will likely take place in a different setting than what is in store for Garland. Benson was deeply sorry for Demore Barnes’ departure, and news broke of his departure early enough in Season 23 so that fans could react. However, Cragen made it clear that he did not know why Garland was being removed.

Barnes was also written out by Jamie Gray Hyder, the series regular Kat Tamin. She has yet not returned to SVUWarren Leight, showrunner, posted a message confirming Garland’s departure on Twitter, saying:

It was so great to see Chief Garland back at #SVU.
Demore Barnes, welcome back.

Demore Barnes is not expected to return to the show for more than an occasional guest appearance. However, it’s impossible to rule out anything about the future. Law & Orderuniverse, characters can be brought home after a decade. Actors can play multiple characters (which happened recently with Carisi’s mom), and there are many spinoffs!

Fans can still look forward for the return of Law & Order: SVUWith its next episode airing on Thursday, April 7, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC between a new episode Law & Order(which stars Demore Barts’ former HannibalHugh Dancy, co-star in the revival (as a new character) at 8:15 p.m. Law & Order: Organized CrimeIn the 2022 TV program, it is at 10:05 p.m.

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