Laura Whitmore’s snarky reaction to Love Island fans’ disappointment following the reunion show

Laura Whitmore posted to her Instagram Story “clarify” it was not her fault that Love Island’s Kaz Kamwi or Tyler Cruickshank were not interviewed on the couch during the reunion.

Laura Whitmore's snarky reaction to Love Island fans' disappointment following the reunion show

Love Island: Laura tells Jake that he is missing his reunion due to illness.

Laura Whitmore won’t take the wrap on Love Island fans upset at Sunday’s Reunion Show.

After viewers complained about not being able to see Tyler Cruickshank and Kaz Kamwi, the TV presenter reacted.

Social media users pointed out that the couples who reached the final, namely Chloe Burrows (and Toby Aromolaran), Faye Winter (and Teddy Soares), and Millie Court (and Liam Reardon) – received more airtime and chats with the host, but that Tyler and Kaz were sitting in the audience.

One fumed: “The love island reunion was a whole mess, my Kaz and Tyler still getting played with.

A second echo: “Kaz & Tyler’s journey was acc one of the most interesting to happen this season. They deserved to discuss their journey on the sofa & not across the room.”

Laura Whitmore's snarky reaction to Love Island fans' disappointment following the reunion show

Additional information: “Not bringing Kaz and Tyler on to the stage is the most disrespectful thing I’ve seen all season #LoveIslandReunion “And “I actually adore Kaz and Tyler. girl why tf did they not get sofa time like the other finals? bit muggy.

Laura posted to her Instagram Stories following the backlash “clarify” She wrote a snarky article, but it wasn’t her fault.

The mother of one wrote Monday: “Shall I clarify a few other things? Hundreds of people work on Love Island. My job is not to organize seating arrangements. I barely know what seat I’m sitting in before the show has the set changes so much.

“We invited Kaz to sit with Toby for his exes segment, but she didn’t want to and it’s her choice to make. Everything is run through with the Islanders beforehand. It’s all about choice!”

Kaz and Tyler were the only couples in the audience of the finalist couples during the reunion.”I only ask questions that are pre-approved by the compliance division. A lot of meetings happen before I see the script and then I can add my voice.”

But, Laura’s post was not well received by fans who returned to Twitter to blast the host. “Unlike previous years, the Islanders weren’t allowed alcohol. Please remember they are just regular people who were nervous on live telly. I’m sure some would have loved a drink for the nerves.”

Laura’s comments on social media were followed by angry fans who took to social media to vent out their frustrations.

Laura Whitmore's snarky reaction to Love Island fans' disappointment following the reunion show

Laura is so dumb to do you really think after y’all didn’t invite Kaz and Tyler to the couch to talk about their journey she would want to talk about how she was a part of Toby’s journey if she doesn’t go to hell #LoveIsland.”

Others joined the fray: “They still can’t say I’m not answering any questions it’s the reunion? Laura literally said they have to confirm the questions beforehand again it still doesn’t make sense why Tyler and Kaz couldn’t be questioned ON THE SOFAS instead of in the crowd.”


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