Larry Larson and Jeff Lutz fight: What makes Street Outlaws’ stars dislike each other?

STREET OUTLAWS is a Discovery series that provides an exclusive look into street racing.

Larry Larson, Jeff Lutz and other stars are the highlight of the series. Now fans want to find out if the two have any beef.

Larry Larson is a popular street racer on Discovery's Street Outlaws


Larry Larson, a street racer and entrepreneur on Discovery’s Street Outlaws is very popularCredit: Facebook/Larry Larson

Are Larry Larson or Jeff Lutz incompatible?

Street Outlaws fans noticed Larson and Lutz don’t get along well with each other since their debut, prompting speculations that the two may hate one another.

Larson and Lutz have fought over many things throughout the years.

Larson, for example, was previously mentioned by Lutz. “pro mods” Which are some of the most controversial modifications to vehicles.

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Lutz used them later and won Drag Week, according to Do not be distracted.

Others suspect the two are infidels because Lutz couldn’t win until Larson quit competing. One Reddit user suggested this to me. It should be noted.

Reddit user Another claimed that Laron stated that Lutz is not his favorite.

“It seems like I remember Larson saying, ‘I don’t like the guy’ or something similar,” The Writer.

Larson and Lutz were racing for many years together.

Was Larry Larson or Jeff Lutz right?

Larson and Lutz, despite their fame in reality, have maintained a low profile throughout the years.

Fans suspect that Larry Larson and Jeff Lutz hate each other


Many suspect Larry Larson, Jeff Lutz have a sex hatred for each other.Credit: YouTube/StreetOutlawVids

Larson and Lutz did not comment on feudal rumors as of the writing.

Street Outlaws premiered its first season in 2013, and it has produced fourteen seasons since.

You can watch the show live on Discovery Channel, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, as well as stream it on Discovery Plus or Hulu.

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