Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Took Inspiration From ‘Nomadland’ to Leave LA and Hit the Road After Dognapping Attack

One year after Lady Gaga’s dog walker was nearly shot to death while fighting off vicious dognappers, the hero is living far away from Hollywood, in a camper in Austin, Texas. 

Ryan Fischer suffered a collapsed lung and nerve damage from the bullet that entered just below his neck and tore into his shoulder blade. 

During the brazen attack, Fischer managed to hold onto Lady Gaga’s dog, Asia. But the assailants nabbed her two other French bulldogs.

Fischer says he spent time in Lady Gaga’s home during his recovery.

“I’m so grateful for her to open her home up to me in that way and to be so welcoming to all of my family and friends,” Fischer said.

But staying in Hollywood has become a painful reminder for Fischer of the trauma he suffered.

“I would be walking. All of a sudden a tour bus would show up, and they would start talking about my attack,” Fischer said. 

So he decided to hit the road, taking inspiration from the film “Nomadland,” which he watched the night before the attack. 

“It was motivation for me to heal, to get well enough to be able to take this journey,” Fischer said.

Fischer still loves animals and is volunteering at animal shelters all across the United States during his journey.

The two stolen dogs were later returned to Lady Gaga. Five people were arrested.

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