Lacey Chabert’s Busy Hyping New Movie Groundswell, But Another One Of Her Hallmark Leading Men Had A Funny Response

Lacey Chabert’s Busy Hyping New Movie Groundswell, But Another One Of Her Hallmark Leading Men Had A Funny Response

Lacey Chabert’s been killing it over at Hallmark in recent years. She’s one of the leading ladies to stick it out with the network and sign an exclusive deal, and it’s a good thing too, as she’s started pitching projects Like the tri-movie tale The Wedding VeilOther projects. Next up, her summer Hawaii-set movie Groundswell, which we’ve learned details about in recent months. Chabert’s been hyping the movie a lot – of course she should, GroundswellLooks beautiful. Yet one of her Hallmark leading men doesn’t want you to forget about one of her other popular movies. Hint: Christmas is involved…

Chabert revealed in the summery new post that GroundswellThe film will premiere on August 21. Ektor Rivera, Hallmark’s leading man, said she had a great experience working with her and that they had a lot of fun. Below you will see them pose for the official reveal.

Ektor, of course, is excited about Lacey Chabert’s work and shared his excitement in the comments. “it was a real pleasure”It was great to work with the super relatable and star mom of 1. He also said that the “list is endless”The producer also serves as an actress on the set, and is able to share the positives. It’s another comment that will really stand out to Hallmark fans, however. 

If you scroll down, you might just see a whimsical comment from Will Kemp. Kemp’s been in a couple of recent Hallmark movies with Lacey Chabert, Love, Romance & ChocolateAnd, of coarse, The Christmas Waltz. Before sending some emojis of excitement, he followed up with a humorous one. “p.s.”His former co-star.

Ps. Ps.

There’s nothing like some friendly teasing between Hallmark men. Ektor Rivera could be surfing in GroundswellHe was not a finalist, but he did appear on the Univision version. Strictly Come Dancing, Mira Quien BailaSo it is assumed that he can also dance, Mr. Kemp. He is an actor with many talents. He is also a musician and painter. 

However, The Christmas WaltzIt is also notable among a multitude of Hallmark Christmas movies. It was Lacey Chabert’s big, romantic holiday movie in 2020 and it came during a time when Hallmark was very popular, partially due to being It was possible to return to filming in Covid’s eraBefore many other major Hollywood productions. It is also well-produced and continues to air on Hallmark’s Christmas movies scheduleIn the years that followed.

In fact, there’s been a movement online to give the movie a sequel, and Kemp has been an advocate of the possibility, previously Retweeting a post to fansAbout “how to make it happen.”Reminding his Hallmark movie fan base with Chabert may have some ulterior motives (in an enlightening way! Also. 

While we are aware that Kemp is expected to be back on Hallmark’s Christmas circuit this year (and he will), his proposed project doesn’t have him alongside the Hallmark team. Mean Girls star. Kemp is poised to lead Christmas in London opposite Reshma Shetty. In regards to Chabert, we should be learning more about what’s coming this holiday season soon.

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