LA Woman Recovering From Trauma After Being Held Hostage by Gunman During Armed Standoff

A Los Angeles woman is recovering after being held hostage last month for several hours in a high-rise apartment, where the suspected gunman was seen in a window holding a gun to her head in a viral video captured from across the street.

Earlier in the day, police say the gunman had shot at a family, grazing a 14-year-old boy’s head and had also attempted to carjack a woman. They closed in on him at a downtown apartment, where the hostage drama unfolded on the fourth floor. Surveillance video showed the suspect running into the apartment complex, with police close behind. 

The drama took place six weeks ago, but the brave hostage was just identified as Hailey Bridge. She says she tried to de-escalate the crisis by asking the gunman if she could pray with him.

Bridge was held captive for four hours until a SWAT team moved in. They threw a flash-bang grenade into the room and stormed in to save her, bodycam video shows.

In the hail of gunfire, cops hit their target and shot the gunman dead. The woman was safe, but feared her cat, Neptune, was hurt.

After SWAT officers broke in the door, Nepute escaped. Fortunately, he has since found his way home.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Bridge through her trauma.

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