Kylie Jenner shows her braless in a low-cut black dress at her LA home worth $36M

KYLIE Jenner uploaded a beautiful Instagram picture that showcases her stunning back.

Kylie looked stunningly glamorous as she posed for photos outside her multi-million-dollar home.

Kylie posted sexy photos of her standing by her lavish pool


Kylie uploaded sexy photos showing her standing at her extravagant pool/@kyliejenner
The photos were taken at her $36million mansion in LA


These photos were taken in her LA mansion worth $36 million/@kyliejenner

It is completely black and skin tight. The dress is a halter-top with small straps at the back that hold the fabric in place.

Kylie’s hair is up in a chic, messy bun. She also has minimal jewelry. Also, it’s clear that Kylie isn’t wearing a bra.

The photos show her shining even though she is outside in the sun.

Fans were able to see her pool and cream-colored chairs in the background.

Kardashian fans are terrified by Khloe's 'creepy' fingers
Kylie shocks fans by posting full-length new photos of baby son in designer outfits

The beauty mogul received countless compliments and love in her comments section.


Kylie shared photos with fans of the identical dress she wore while wearing it, and holding her child.

Also, she’s pictured in several different outfits with her infant son.

On the most recent season finale of The Kardashians, Kylie finally revealed her son’s name after keeping it a secret since his birth.

Entertainment is the most popular genre.

In confessional, she stated that: “This year has been very transformative for me. There are so many amazing things that I’m really excited about.”

After explaining that, her son had a legal name still in place, she continued to explain. “Wolf,” But it won’t last for too long.

With a wink, she said: “My baby’s name is still Wolf. I’ll let you guys know when I change it. Maybe I’ll tell you guys in season three.”


In an episode of The Kardashians Khloe visited Kylie’s home and offered viewers a glimpse into her lavish house.

It is also home to a chicken house, a playground, TV and verandas with lemon trees. The property costs $36million.

Stormi built a playground with columns, windows and a second-story balcony.

Kylie has a beautiful chicken coop that is full of chickens and fresh eggs.

This property included a trampoline, a swimming pool and lounge chairs.

Kylie also posted photos of her in he dress with her daughter and newborn son


Kylie shared photos with her baby and her daughter, Kylie./ kyliejenner
She's posted a lot of new photos of her son lately that shocked fans


Recent photos she’s shared of her son have shocked many fans./ kyliejenner
Until recently, the name of Kylie's new baby was unknown


Up until very recently, Kylie was not able to name her new baby./ kyliejenner

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