Kyle Rittenhouse posts a meme of himself crying about Biden’s gas prices

Kyle Rittenhouse, 19, was recently acquitted on five charges in connection with the murder of two men. This has caused outrage as he posted a meme concerning gas prices…using footage from his trial.

Rittenhouse shared this video@drefanzor posted this tweet, making fun of President Biden and gas prices. “No, it’s not Lemon Heads.. it’s the burning hole in my pocket thanks to a Joe Biden presidency..”Rittenhouse sent the tweet.

The video includes Rittenhouse’s famous hyperventilation while he stands trial for the Kenosha Unrest shooting incident. Rittenhouse killed and wounded two men, 26-year old Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, using a semi-automatic AR-15.

The “Lemon Head” is a reference to a tweet NBA player LeBron James madeRittenhouse was being tried. James accused Rittenhouse, accusing him of trying to feign his tears. “What tears????? I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court.”

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The meme creates Rittenhouse looking like he is filling up gas at a station.

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, rising gas prices have been a source of controversy for Americans. Gas prices rose around the globe after the US cut ties with Russia.

Many people blame Biden for fuel price increases, just like Rittenhouse.

People on Twitter didn’t like Rittenhouse’s joke about Biden. Many found Rittenhouse’s use of trial footage as a joke infuriating.

“Kyle Rittenhouse posted this in an attempt to disparage gas prices under Biden. All he’s managed to do is make himself look like even more of a a liar and psychopath by sending a big “f*ck you” to the families of the people he killed,” Shari stated on Twitter.

“Man it’s almost like Kyle Rittenhouse was faking that crying at trial, now he gets to sh**post about gas prices after murdering two people,” Another Twitter user added:.

Although Rittenhouse was not convicted in the trial, citing self defence, he still faces civil litigation by the Huber family.

Note: An earlier version incorrectly stated that Kyle Rittenhouse had shot and killed two Black men. Both of the victims were white. It was fixed on March 21.

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