Kyle Mullen, a 24-Year-Old Navy SEAL Candidate, Dies During ‘Hell Week’

Kyle Mullen, a 24-year-old candidate for the prestigious Navy SEAL team, died hours after what the Navy calls “Hell Week.”

Before joining the military, Kyle Mullen was an All-Ivy League football player at Yale University.

Another sailor also experienced symptoms of an unknown illness and was taken to a San Diego-area hospital, according to CBS News. They are reportedly in stable condition.

Neither were actively training when they reported symptoms, according to the Navy. 

Navy SEALS are an elite military force trained to be experts in unconventional warfare. During Hell Week, SEAL candidates are put through the most physically demanding challenges that they will ever experience, the Navy says, all while they are only granted a few hours of sleep.

About one-fourth of the sailors who participate in SEAL Hell Week actually complete the process

Kyle Mullen graduated high school in New Jersey. His official cause of death is currently unknown.

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