Kris Kross Chris Smith Unrecognizable at 42 and Has a New Passion in Life after Chris Kelly Death in 2013!

The Kris Kross glory days were short-lived but outstanding. You can see Chris Smith, the other half of the duo. Also, you can see the career path he took after Chris Kelly’s death.

Kriss Kross was founded by two teens with identical names. They were not related except for their names, talent, or strong love.

These youngsters Somersaulted They rose to fame in 1992 and were even noticed by Michael Jackon, the King of Pop.

Chris Smith and Chris Kelly from the hip-hop group Kriss Kross. Photo by Getty Images | Photo: Getty Images


Kris Kross Chris Smith Unrecognizable at 42 and Has a New Passion in Life after Chris Kelly Death in 2013!

They went on a long hiatus after releasing their third album. Kelly continued his engineering studies but still loved music so he started a record label called C Connection.

Smith on the other side Majored in marketing and business management before forming his company labeled “One Life Entertainment, Inc.”

Kris Kross (aka Chris) is a rapper group “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith) in a portrait that was taken on June 10, 1993.

2013 saw the return of the group with a gig performance at Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. The tragedy that struck these former child stars in the same year was devastating.

Kelly was found unresponsive at his residence before the authorities rushed him to a medical center. He was Pronounced After arriving at the hospital, the patient was declared dead.

The C Connection founder was 34 years old when he died, and police hinted that it was due to drug overdose, considering that he was a drug user.

This was a bitter pill to swallow for the other Kris Kross member. Smith, however, was heartbroken and said that things wouldn’t be the same without his best friend.

Kelly is still close to his bandmate and often shares details about their time together. He even pays tribute to him posthumously.

Smith died in August, on the day that should have been his friend’s birthday. Posted a throwback snap of the teenage Kris Kross band.


Smith is now 42 years old and has retained his youthful looks and boyish swag, even though it’s quite different from when he was a teenager.

He is a former entertainer who is passionate about arts, culture, design, and film. He considers himself to be an artist. He also explores his fashion side. Dressing in unique outfits and also owns a clothing brand.

That is not all; the former Kris Kross member has a Website known as Urban Muse, where his rich and artistic works are pasted. He also Shares his everyday lifestyle and hobbies, like reading books and basking in the warmth of the day.

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