Kourtney Kourtney almost bursts from dangerously low-cut pink underwear in new sexy photos

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN has posted several photos of herself channeling Barbie in a sexy way on her social media accounts.

Poosh founder, 44 years old, posted her latest Instagram photo in pink lingerie with lighter colored hair.

Kourtney Kardashian shared some daring snaps in a carousel post on Instagram


Kourtney posted some of her most daring pictures in a Carousel Post on Instagram/kourtneykardash
Kourtney captured herself in a skimpy pink sequin lingerie cami


Kourtney snapped herself wearing a pink sequin cami with revealing lingerie./kourtneykardash

Kourtney was able to fit a sequin pastel-pink cami tightly around her figure.

This plunging cami was so low cut that it almost pushed her chest out.

Kourtney was at risk for her nether regions being exposed as the bottom of the dress ended right under her butt.

It is likely that she was aware of this, as she had crossed her legs in many of the photos included in the carousel.

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Hulu’s personality was seated on top of two chests stacked, and she made sure to angle her body in such a way that her bosoms and legs were at the center of attention.

Kourtney wore her platinum blonde hair in a messy bun and added some high heels with open toes for heightened provocativeness.

She captioned the post “Barbie Barker.”

Kourtney and her new photoshoot was the subject of many comments from Kourtney fans.

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This is not a favorite of fans

A fan was slammed for saying “That colour doesn’t fit you …,”.”

Another dragged: “Girl ur too old for this sh*t.”

Another fan asked: “Hopefully after your baby you can bring that old Kourtney who was so classy, and gorgeous back. And not the poser you’re trying to become.”

A fourth declared: “Oh my goodness. This look does not suit you. Fire the stylist. It’s so cheap and tattered.”

A fifth admonished: “I’m sorry but these photos are not complementing you AT ALL.

Whoever applied your makeup should take a refresher. You need to apologize for the way you were styled. #sorry.”

Someone else ranted: “Not very good photos at all.”

Kourtney was hated by many, but there were also a few who stood up for her.

“Omg why is everyone being so mean just mind your own f**king business she looks cute asf,” one person defended.


She is also fond of posting pictures online.

Kourtney showed off her sexy curves by spilling out from underwear that was too low cut in March.

Kourtney posted the series of photos to her Instagram.

The first picture shows a model bent forward while she rummages through her fruit drawer in the refrigerator.

Kourtney strutted her stuff in a white short babydoll that she almost slipped right out of when she leaned seductively over.

She draped her shoulders with a green, open robe.

A bottle of Lemme Sea, her latest product was in her right hand.

She also appeared to use the product in other pictures, lifting her leg up and letting her tiny dress ride on her thigh.

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Kourtney encourages her fans to follow the caption:SeaThe benefits of Lemme Sea.

The Irish Sea Moss contains all 102 of the minerals the human body requires. We paired wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss along with D3 to boost beauty, immunity and brain health.

Kourtney donned herself 'Barbie Barker' as she sported lingerie, heels, and dyed blonde hair


Kourtney dressed up as Barbie Barker, wearing lingerie, high heels and blonde hair./kourtneykardash
Many fans weren't impressed with any of the pics in the photo dump


Some fans were not impressed by the photos in the photo dump/kourtneykardash
Some fans slammed her hair color and the nature of the photos, wishing she was the 'old Kourtney'


Fans wished she were the “old Kourtney” and criticized her hair colour./kourtneykardash

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