Kourtney Kardashian’s “energizing” supplements cost me $11 per day. I was surprised by the results

Have you ever considered quitting coffee to get a more acidic and jitter-free alternative?

Kourtney Kardashian has released a line gummy supplements under the brand name “Lemme,”These could be a more holistic approach to solving a range of everyday problems.

I'm a coffee lover through and through


Coffee is my passion through and through.Credit: Sara Alhariri
The product claims to promote overall wellbeing


This product is claimed to improve overall health and well-beingCredit: Lemme

These supplements are part of a line that boasts a variety of health-related promises such as Lemme Chill and Lemme Focus. Lemme Matcha — which is currently sold out.

The new supplements contain herbal ingredients such as ashwagandha and lion’s hair for relaxation, probiotic/prebiotic combinations for digestion, matcha for energy, and lion’s Mane for focus.

“Say goodbye to that 3PM slump,”The product page for Lemme Matcha is here. “Get your favorite matcha latte flavor and cellular energy support at the same time.”

I decided to try the newest Kardashian concoction so you don’t have to — and it was not easy.

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I typically drink two to three cups coffee per day. I tried Kourtney Energy B12 Gummies instead. Let’s see how it goes. “energizing”The claims lived up to the hype.


Personallly, I’m a huge fan of coffee. My philosophy is that the higher the caffeine, the better.

I frequent all coffee chains, the Lavazzo machine in the office, and keep an emergency instant-coffee package in my kitchen cabinet to make sure I don’t run low.

I had a long, coffee-free week ahead of me


A long, caffeine-free week lay aheadCredit: Sara Alhariri

To find out if Lemme Matcha truly lives up to its claims, I gave up cold brews.

And to keep the challenge as fair as possible, I also nixed all caffeinated food and beverages — including black tea, my backup caffeine source.

I wanted to find out if the supplement was enough to give me the energy that I needed to get through my day.


The product arrived in a Lemme box within a few days of initial impression. The matte packaging on the bottle is beautiful and has a lovely lavender hue. The perfect shade of matcha green is found in the gummies.

When I opened the package, the divine matcha aroma hit me — unlike most vitamin supplements, which tend to smell off-putting.

The Lemme Match arrived at my apartment on schedule


My apartment received the Lemme Match on timeCredit: Sara Alhariri
The product packaging was pleasing to the eye


The packaging of the product was attractive to the eyesCredit: Sara Alhariri

After trying the gummies, I was hooked on the exceptional matcha taste — followed by intense nausea.

The instructions say to consume two gummies daily, but I recommend that you eat each of the doses with food.

After making my rookie mistake, I started to take a dose of almonds whenever I felt the need for a cup of coffee.


Day one and two were manageable. However, day three was a struggle. I could not stomach the caffeine-laden coffee that I had consumed for days two and three.

I felt very sluggish, unfocused, irritable, and even depressed for no apparent reason. Also, I experienced severe headaches after trying to fall asleep after a long day of decaffeinated caffeine.

These side effects were more likely due to caffeine withdrawal than the supplement itself. This was no surprise since I used to drink a lot of coffee daily.

The gummies did not make caffeine withdrawal any easier


Caffeine withdrawal was not made easier by the gummies.Credit: Sara Alhariri

Strangely enough, I found it difficult to get to bed, not easier. This was a surprising result, as I assumed that this would be one the main benefits of giving-up the ground beans.

If you are working in a demanding job, I don’t recommend that you start a week-long Lemme Matcha-free coffee challenge.

As my coffee-less days progressed, I became desperate for a pick-me-up and found myself craving more sugary foods than usual — perhaps my body’s attempt to acquire an energy boost.


The product contains 24 mcg Vitamin B12, 50mg of organic matcha tea, and 20mg coenzyme Q10 ubiquinone — ingredients which are touted as energy-boosting.

Other ingredients include organic tapioca, organic cane syrup, water, and less than 2% citric acid.

The gummies smell heavenly and taste sugary sweet


Gummies are sweet and fragrant.Credit: Sara Alhariri

These gummies should not be recommended to anyone who is watching their sugar intake. Each gummy contains three grams of sugar, which is equivalent to one teaspoon.

The label advises that you should not take more than three grams of sugar each day. This would be equivalent to up to nine g or three teaspoons of added sweetness per day.

It’s possible that the added sugar is what makes these gummies so delicious, but it is still counterintuitive to a supplement company that claims health consciousness.


Although I found the challenge difficult in the beginning, I was able to get a little energy boost from the gummies towards the end.

The vivacity, however, is brief-lived and less intense than a cup of Joe.

After the experiment was over, I quickly brewed a cup of morning espresso. It didn’t inspire me to quit.

Taste-testing Kourtney Kardashian's B12 energizing gummies


Kourtney Kardashian tries out B12 energizing gumsCredit: Sara Alhariri

I noticed that my coffee consumption has dropped to one unit per day now that I have resumed coffee. This is a huge advantage as I wanted to reduce my coffee intake.

I wouldn’t recommend this supplement to anyone looking for a cost-effective way to get a boost.

For those taking a full dose every day, the 60 count product would run out in only 10 days — and at $30 per bottle without auto-ship that’s a steep price tag for the average person.

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Overall I would recommend this product to those looking for a short energy boost, a delicious matcha taste, or lacking in vitamin B12 or CoQ10 — and especially to loyal fans of Kourtney Kardashian.

It doesn’t mean that I would recommend quitting coffee. However, the tablets’ energizing capabilities don’t reach that far.

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