Korea — This Netflix movie remake is a Top 10 global hit


The Korean-language website was updated for the second week. Money Heist remake that debuted on Netflix on June 24 has been one of the service’s top series worldwide. In fact, Money Heist: KoreaThis week, is the #1 non-English language Netflix series.

That’s according to the Netflix Top 10 ListsThe streamer publishes on Tuesdays and tracks the most popular content across the site. The 7-day period ended July 3. Money Heist: KoreaThis week’s 49 million hour viewings of non-English TV shows ranked the show higher than all others. And that’s an increase over the show’sLast week was its debut appearance on the charts, with 33.7 million hours of viewing.

Money Heist: KoreaNetflix

If you’ve checked the show out by now — or if you watched the Spanish-language original — you already know the plot. For those who are not familiar, Money Heist: Korea is a story about a future Korean reunification. It also includes a need for unified currency. As a kind of testbed city, to showcase both countries what’s possible, a “Joint Economy Area”Between them, a joint venture was established. Capitalism is flourishing in this area, which is also the home of the mint that will produce the new currency.

That’s also where X marks the spot for the show’s band of hackers — led, as in the original, by a brilliant “Professor” — who don’t plan to “steal”Money can be taken from anyone, not just printed.

Netflix shares the tease of its tease for Money Heist: Korea:

“4 trillion won in unified currency.

A heist without limits in a country without borders.

One crime can change the world.

Witness the crime of the century unfold.”

“Only the rich got richer”

The dynamic that the show sets up is imaginary, but there’s also a social commentary embedded inside the larger narrative. For example, it includes North Koreans performing menial jobs within the unified country and the already well-off continuing to grow post-reunification. All of this was supposed to bring a new dawn for the peninsula. “Tokyo”This is what it explains. Instead? “Only the rich got richer.”

Thus, the Professor — and the plan he hatched.

money heist korea
A production still from Netflix’s “Money Heist: Korea.” Image source: Jung Jaegu/Netflix

Many elements that made the original so popular for Netflix are still present in the new version. Money Heist: Korea. From the stylish red jumpsuits and white face masks, to the usage of cities in place of character names — and the aforementioned professor in his high-tech lair, pulling all the strings.

The show currently has a score of 85 percent from critics Rotten Tomatoes. It doesn’t have the same lustiness of the original — but with just 6 episodes, each with a runtime of a little more than an hour, this action-packed series is nevertheless a fun, breezy binge for fans of Korean drama.

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