Kim Richard and Lisa Rinna Explain the RHOBH Fight

Kim Richard and Lisa Rinna Explain the RHOBH Fight

Before Her reported firingAfter Season 5 “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,”Kim Richards was involved in a tense altercation with Lisa Rinna. While on a trip in Amsterdam, they were having dinner. Rinna questioned Richards’ sobriety. Richards, dissatisfied with Rinna’s apparent dubious concern, replied. “Let’s talk about the husband.”The comment suggested Rinna’s husband was involved with an undisclosed incident. Richards then lunged at Rinna. Rinna also threw drinks at Richards, and smashed a glass of wine on the table as the other housewives tried to separate them. The fight became one of the most heated moments in the show’s history. “RHOBH”History shows that it wasn’t just the last time Rinna got into a spat with Richards.

Richards made a return appearance in Season 7 as a guest star. Rinna was confronted by herDespre Despre Referring to a rumor that she was “close to death.”Despite previous reconciliation attempts, the drama continued at the reunion. Richards gave Rinna a stuffed bunny she had given her grandson, but it didn’t belong to him. “the right energy.”

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