Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Ponytail Cost $10,000, Hairstylist Says

  • Kim Kardashian West’s Met Gala ponytail cost $10,000, her hairstylist Chris Appleton has said.
  • Cosmopolitan reported that Appleton posted the cost on his Instagram Story.
  • Kardashian West wore the ponytail with a faceless Balenciaga bodysuit — the night’s most memed look.

Kim Kardashian West, according to her hairstylist, wore $10,000 worth extensions to the 2021 Met Gala.

SKIMS founder, Kim Kardashian West, opted for a black bodysuit which covered her face and a 75-inch-long ponytail to attend the red-carpet event in September. Chris Appleton, a renowned hair stylist, helped her create this look.

Appleton responded to a fan who asked how much the ponytail cost on his Instagram story, according to a screengrab shared by Cosmopolitan on Thursday. Appleton claimed it cost $10,000 but it is likely that Appleton did not charge for his services. Insider reached out for more details about the hairstyle from Appleton representatives, but they did not respond immediately.

Kardashian West’s ponytail peeked out of a black, head-to-toe Balenciaga bodysuit. The outfit covered Kardashian West’s entire body and was the talk of the night. Memes proliferated on social media, with some comparing the look to a Dementor from “Harry Potter.”

Kardashian West appeared to take the extensions out for Justin Bieber’s after-party at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel by Central Park later that evening. Kardashian West was photographed leaving the hotel wearing an apparent Catwoman-inspired outfit. It consisted of skin-tight black material with a shorter ponytail.

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala 2021 (left) and on her way to the after-party (right).

Appleton — whose celebrity clients include Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez — has worked with Kardashian West on numerous occasions. The pair previously spoke about their working relationship during an interview with Gay Times.

“I can just sit in the chair, do my work and not really pay attention, not pick my head up and know that no matter what you choose to do, it’ll look good and I’ll feel confident – and that’s really rare,” Appleton was informed by Kardashian West during the interview.

“With hair, I get anxiety if I have to work with someone new and what it’s going to look like. Nobody really pushes the boundaries of what the new thing should be, what the new style should be,” Kardashian West also added. “You push me to want to do new things, but you still have the pretty.”

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