Kim Kardashian Talks to North about the Night she Was Conceived

North WestThe origin story of’s involves some fashion.

Kim Kardashian North, North’s mother, was candid about her conception on the Hulu Nov. 24, episode The Kardashians. Kim brought this up with the 9 year old while they were both visiting the designer, as you can see in the footage. Olivier Rousteing Paris, France. Kim explained to us that Olivier could have been involved in North’s creation.

“Northie, I’ve known Olivier since before you were a baby,” Kim shared the story with North during the episode. “And he gave daddy this blue dress that daddy wanted for me. It was my birthday the year before you were born and I wore the dress, and I got pregnant and you got in my belly the night I wore that dress.”

And Kim even admitted, “So, Olivier might have a little something to do with the reason you’re on this planet.”

As for North’s reaction, she sat listening intently to Kim—and continued to enjoy her French fries in France’s capital city.

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