Kim Kardashian SNL Season 47 Rumors Kris Jenner Responds!

Kim Kardashian ‘SNL‘ rumors are running rampant. Everybody wants the truth. Kim Kardashian, to host the event? SNL Season 47 premiere?

Ever since SNL Kim, Kris Jenner, and Lorne Michaels were seen at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel during lunch. Speculation continues to mount. While KUWTKKim is a popular host. But, so far the answer is not clear. Pop A rep for Kim’s momager Kris Jenner reveals that the meeting wasn’t NOT about Kim hosting, but it was mostly a general catch-up.

Kim Kardashian’s Fans Want to See Her On SNL

 The lunch meeting went down on August 17, and the rumor mill has been lighting up in anticipation of Kardashian’s potential hosting gig. It also hasn’t helped matters that ‘SNL‘ shared a cryptic promo for the show season 47 premieres on October 2.

 The show’s Twitter followers caught on real quick that the show’s tweet did not announce the host for the premiere. One Twitter question: “Not announcing the Host for the premiere on October 2 yet huh @nbcsnal? That’s OK #LorneMichaels is a genius! No matter what Host it is I’m sure it’ll be great! Looking forward to this season @nbcsnl! Just look at how many years you’ve been on the air! Some good some not so good! Still on!” 

Kim Kardashian SNL Season 47 Rumors Kris Jenner Responds!

Another writer writes “Why not just have all the KarJenners on the show? I think it would be hilarious to see them all poke fun at some of their recent news headlines.”

We will have to wait until October 2 to see what Lorne Mikes has in store. Kim Kardashian’s mother of four, 40 years old, is in serious trouble.

Kim Claims That She Is ‘Not Okay’Scary Mom Moment

Kim became disoriented after learning that Saint, her 5-year-old son, had suffered a terrible accident. Kim was forced to leave the house and went to the hospital with a severely broken arm. Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram of Saint in his wheelchair. Kim also shared that Saint was wheeled in a wheelchair during her emergency room visit. ‘not OK.’ 

She later gave followers an update revealing Thankfully, everyone is OK, outside of a broken arm, but for any mother, that’s a scary experience. It’s a busy month in the KarJenner household.

Kim has had to deal with a frightening incident involving her son but also with a humorous one she shared with North Disick and Penelope Disick.

North West looks after mom

Kim North West was filming an Instagram clip when North West sneaked in on Kim. Kim was annoyed when the chatty 8-year old tried to harass her mom.

Unfazed by her mom’s request to stop, North then began mocking Kim’s voice, telling her she uses a fake voice when she records. Kardashian defends her point but loses in the end when she calls Penelope, her niece, for an honest answer.

Penelope answered a question from her aunt asking if Kim has a different voice. “Yes.”Kim ends her quest and tells the girls she will clean her glam area after she’s done with her fun.

KUWTKThe video was funny and many people commented on North blasting her mom. One commenter asks, “Wonder where North gets that from? All of the Kardashian sisters love nothing more than to poke fun at and call their mom Kris Jenner out at every given opportunity.”

It is said that what comes around, will come around. Who wouldn’t want to see Kim Kardashian leave the stage? SNLAre you going to be on stage on October 2nd? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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