Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Surprise Tourist with the Surprise of Their Lives

That’s a L.A. trip worth remembering!

Dutch tourist was stunned when he came across a secluded beach. Kim KardashianAnd Pete DavidsonWhile out and about Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday Nov. 27, shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Paul BarewijkShe is a music editor for talk shows and a reporter. RTL Boulevard and who recently arrived in Los Angeles from Amsterdam, told E! News that he first spent the day going on a walk, during which he stopped to take a photo by the Fendi x SKIMS collab pop-up boutique on Rodeo Drive, which was closed at the time.

“So I went further for my walk, looked at the beautiful mansions and walked to a park, then stopped by the Beverly Hills Hotel for a drink and some vitamins. So after a couple of minutes, I called my mom. I was sitting at a bar, looking around while calling and saw Pete Davidson,”He stated. “But as I looked one more time, I saw it’s Kim Kardashian.”

He continued, “I immediately stopped my call, and went to both. I showed her the pic from me stopping by the pop-up. She loved it and I asked for a photo. She said, ‘Sure.'”

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