Kim Chi and Trixie Matttel clash: What happened between RuPaul’s Drag Race stars RuPaul?

After appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2011, DRAG queens, Trixie Mattel and Kim Chi have gained huge popularity.

Although the pair have been close friends since before they entered Drag competition, fans are worried about tweets between Kim Chi and Trixie Mattel.

What happened to Trixie Mattel & Kim Chi?

Trixie Mattel was Brian Michael Firkus also known as Trixie Matttel. He took to Twitter in his dismay at Kim Chi’s true name, Sang-Young Shin.

Both queens sent back and forth tweets, tagging one another in shady Tweets.

Trixie tweeted, “You love to be the victim while riding high aboard a moral horses but everyone can see through your eyes.”

“You’re not as sleek as you think. I have the receipts and you’re the one that’s going down from this.”

Kim Chi and Trixie Mattel often collaborate in videos and performances


Kim Chi and Trixie Matttel often collaborate on videos and performancesCredit: YouTube

Kim was tagged in this tweet by Kim, so it was clear who the skinny legend was shading.

Kim replied quickly, tweeting: “People do change after all. I am not surprised. Just disappointed. I will reveal the truth to everyone soon. Karma is a bitch and so are you.”

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Kim later stated that she was taking a short break from social media in order to take care of her mental health. She returned just a moment later to tell: “I’m back everyone! That break from social media was much needed! Take care of yourself first!”

Trixie responded to Kim’s tweet, telling her to “open up the notes app and address this situation.”

Kim, the All-Stars winner, then went on her own account and asked fans to recreate the iconic burn book scene of Mean Girl with Kim’s face.

She used the app again to share the photo, which she tweeted along with the caption “@KimChi_Chic I’m ready to let people know who you really are.”

In response, Kim tweeted: “I can’t believe you’ve got everyone fooled for this long. @trixiemattel Once I reveal your truth, you will be done for. Start counting your days.”

The queens remain silent, but Trixie is promoting Trixie’s and All-Star Katya merchandise.

Are they good friends?

Kim and Trixie have been close friends for many years. They promote each other and collaborate on videos and drag shows.

Kim Chi had helped Trixie to get her first Chicago drag job, even though they were both on different seasons RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Since they launched their makeup brands, Kim Chi Beauty has supported Trixie Cosmetics.

Fans are worried that there has been a significant rift between long-time friends.

Others think this is promotion of a type of collaboration.

Kim Chi Beauty’s web site says: “something major is happening soon … stay tuned.”

Fans speculate that this could be a makeup collaboration between both brands since the queens have similar makeup styles.

Many of Kim Chi’s fans claim that Kim Chi wouldn’t address an argument this publicly.

Others live for the drama, and wait to see what happens.

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