Kids Lost in Texas Woods for 14 Hours Tell Friendly Cop They Want Cheeseburgers After Being Found

Three children lost in Texas woods for 14 hours without food or water were rescued by first responders. And when one of the little boys was found, he had one thing on his mind: cheeseburgers.

Two young boys and a girl ages 6 and 7 were on their way to a friend’s house using a trail through the Sam Houston National Forest that they’ve used before. But they wandered off the trail and got lost, prompting a frantic search.

Anxiety was growing by the moment after a search at night turned up nothing. But a miracle came when the hunt intensified the next day.

The kids were found drenched by the rain, but OK. They were led out by a volunteer rescuer. 

“Are y’all ready to get out of the woods?” Sgt. Jason Smith asked the kids. 

Smith gave his jacket to one of the boys and the kids followed the adults out of the forest.

“We’ll go get something to eat when we get done, ok?” the officer said.

“Cheeseburgers,” one of the boys responded.

Finally, after hiking out for 20 minutes, they all hooked up with the other first responders

“I made sure that I let their parents know that they really, really were digging a cheeseburger at that point,” Smith told Inside Edition.

The children were checked out by emergency medical workers before being returned to their very relieved families.

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