Khloe Kardashian & Kris Jenner ‘acting like house-zillas’ with $37M side-by-side mansions as pair demand luxe PANIC room

KHLOE Kardashian and Kris Jenner have allegedly been acting like “house-zillas” during the construction of their $37million side-by-side mansions, a source has exclusively told Central Recorder.

After delays from a messy contractor dispute, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star are finally close to completing the major construction project.

Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian have turned into 'house-zillas,' a source said


Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian have turned into ‘house-zillas,’ a source saidCredit: EPA
They've requested the construction of a 'panic room' in their new side-by-side mansions


They’ve requested the construction of a ‘panic room’ in their new side-by-side mansionsCredit: E!

Khloe, 37, and mom Kris, 65, have been “acting like house-zillas” as they’ve made “constant changes” to the homes during the building process, the source explained.

The insider exclusively told Central Recorder that the pair are “almost done” building their dream mansions, but the process has not been a simple one.

“Although Khloe and Kris’ homes are almost done, they are both acting like ‘house-zillas.’

“They want temperature-adjusted rooms and a panic room in case of security issues.”

A panic room, also known by the name safe room, is a secure area in a private home that provides protection for residents in case of a burglary, home invasion or terror attack.

According to the source, “They will have security personnel on the property 24 hours a day to supervise both houses.”

“One would think after dropping that much money on a beautiful house that is meant for a family of ten, Khloe would be satisfied with the results, but she keeps asking for changes.”

The mother-daughter duo has been overseeing the construction of their two new mega-mansions right next door to each other in the affluent Hidden Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Kris’s home appeared to be close to completion as new photos showed that the floor-to-ceiling windows had been installed and doors were being installed.

Nearly all of the scaffolding and other building materials were removed and large numbers of conifer trees have been planted to protect the home from the prying eyes.

The new home of Khloe features a tunnel-like structure around the property, as well as a concrete area that was excavated to make a pool.

Back in April, it was revealed that the TV personalities would be moving closer to Kim and Kylie by building two homes in Hidden Hills.

Kris’s mansion, which covers 16,000 square feet, will be larger than Khloes’s at 10,000.

Each mansion sits on 1.5 acres of land, according to Variety, with at least eight bedrooms, an eight-car garage, covered patios, a guesthouse, movie theater, gym, lounge, and an office.


In June, the duo claimed they were conned by a builder who ran off with their money and the deeds to their properties.

KUWTK’s Khloe said to her younger sister Kendall that they don’t currently have any houses.

We ran background checks on him. His rap sheet was 35 pages long. I told my mom that I was uncomfortable using him. Mom still wanted him to use.

“We ended up firing him because he sucked and he was trying to steal from me and now he took our houses and they’ve been on a standstill.”

Later in a confessional, the Good American founder explained further: “A contractor left with our deeds, a lot of our money, and we’re not allowed to go onto our properties.

“So we can’t even have a contractor take over while we’re trying to get our deeds back or close escrow.”

Since then, the Kardashians have not been able to identify the builder nor confirmed any illegal actions.

Kris and Khloe have purchased next door properties


Kris and Khloe have purchased next door properties
The Kardashian matriarch's mansion boasts 16,000 square feet


The Kardashian matriarch’s mansion boasts 16,000 square feetCredit: BackGrid
Khloe's home will host a large pool for her daughter True


Khloe’s home will host a large pool for her daughter TrueCredit: BackGrid
Kim Kardashian claims she’s ‘moving’ out of $60M mansion after she spots an enormous spider inside

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