Kelly Clarkson is known for her voice. But, her hip-thrusting skills can be seen in BTS Video from Talk Show


Kelly Clarkson is known for her voice. But, her hip-thrusting skills can be seen in BTS Video from Talk Show

Kelly Clarkson has many talents. Of course, she is the Season 1 winner. American IdolWho went on to Release nine studio albums. As a coach The VoiceThe eight-season season is the Four times Texas native, giving her the highest winning percentage of any coach through the NBC singing competition’s 21 seasons. To top it off, her talk show — which you better believe includes its share of singing — She has been awarded 13 Daytime Emmy AwardsIts first three seasons. But it’s not just about her voice, y’all, because the “Since U Been Gone Singer” just showed she’s got hip-thrusting skills for days.

The Kelly Clarkson ShowThe host shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram, showing that the in-studio fun doesn’t stop when the cameras stop rolling. Apparently Kelly Clarkson and her band Y’all keep the party going for the live audience, and man there’s a lot of thrusting. It’s all here.

Kelly Clarkson, is she not the best? It was a blast to see her taping the show. I love the different moves she showed off in that mashup — as well as so much thrusting, I saw some Running Man, some Sprinkler, some disco. 

The host seemed to be surprised at all the clips that producers could piece together. She laughed in self-deprecating ways after the montage. She laughed:

Oh my God. Simply thrusting. You don’t know what you’re doing until they play it back. I haven’t seen it until just now. And it’s a lot of thrusting. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why I’m single. Wow! I’m a lot of person. It’s awesome.

Kelly, you’re amazing. Never lose sight of the important things. Kelly Clarkson’s been through some tough timesIn the last couple of years, she has been going through a terrible divorce with Brandon Blackstock. But, it seems that her talk show has allowed her to have fun and let go of all her worries. The hard times did not come up. The singer was singing in April Kaley Cuoco & herself were served wineBefore they shared their feelings about their divorce, Even got Jill Biden, the first lady, gives some very motherly advice

We’ve also seen Kelly Clarkson work out her feelings during the “Kellyoke”A portion of her show, which she Some lyrics were changed to Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever”She took what appeared to have been a shot at her ex. Brandon Blackstock now has Brandon Blackstock. Moved out of her ranchMontana and beyond His new bachelor padThe singer is Take the summer offto spend time with her kids. 

It is well-deserved, especially considering that she is preparing to go on vacation. Redesign The Kelly Clarkson Show when it takes over Ellen DeGeneres’ previously held time slot. All of this means that the reigning champion must be Bow out The VoiceSeason 22. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Kelly Clarkson’s talk show, as well as hear some new music, and I’m still holding out hope that she’ll make a Return to The VoiceDo it sooner than you think!. You can also visit our website. 2022 TV ScheduleTo see the premieres that are soon to be made, click here


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