Keke Palmer Responds to Whoopi’s Sister Act3 Dream Cast

Keke Palmer You are ready to bless the screen Whoopi Goldberg.

With Sister Act 3 Disney+ is officially underway, and Whoopi said last month that Keke would be a great star. Lizzo And Nicki Minaj In the sequel film, she will be starring alongside Keke. Keke could not be more pleased with Oscar nominee’s casting wishes.

“I’m loving it,” The Nope Exclusively shared by star on the Nov. 28 Episode of E! News (Airing at 11:30 PM tonight). “First of all, I love Lizzo, and I love Nicki. So, if me, Lizzo and Nicki are in Sister Act 3, I’m in the theaters. Okay? I’m in the theaters and I’m showing up to work on time because that sounds like a fun cast.”

Disney had announced in 2020 that they were developing a third musical comedy installment for their streaming service. Whoopi was to reprise her role as Sister Mary Clarence/Deloris Van Cartier and will executive produce. Tyler Perry.

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