Keegan Bake & Keanu Taylor leaves Walford for a new life

THE fallout from Keegan and Tiffany’s marital woes continues next week in EastEnders.

Tiffany (Maisie Smith) is still reeling from her husband Keegan’s (Zack Morris) indiscretion with her half-cousin Dotty.

Keegan freezes his and Tiffany's bank account

Keegan freezes his and Tiffany’s bank account


Tiffany threatens to take half of Keegan’s stall

Next week, an incredulous Tiffany vent to Sonia and Whitney that Keegan has frozen their bank account.

Keegan then begs Tiffany to stop taking half of his stall.

Keegan, tired of the drama feels he has to leave Walford.

He tells Bernie and Karen that he’s spoken to his brother Keanu, who has said he can stay with him for a while.

Karen (Lorraine Stanley) is dismayed at the prospect – she doesn’t want to lose another of her boys.

Bernie (Clair Norris) later gives her brother food for thought, asking Keegan if he should be leaving when he’s so concerned about Tiffany.

Will Keegan fight for his marriage or will he stay?

Bernie leaves Keegan wondering if he should leave Walford

Bernie leaves Keegan wondering if he should leave Walford

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