Keanu Reeves secretly marries, moving to Europe

Keanu Reeves is having the time of his life. Between John Wick and the Matrix 4, he’s at the helm of multiple major franchises. According to one report, his good fortune has brought him to Europe. Is Reeves already married to longtime girlfriend Alexandra Grant? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Keanu’s Excellent Adventure’

According to OK!, Reeves has fallen in love with Germany, where he’s been filming a few films. He’s incredibly relaxed with Grant and feels at home. An insider reveals, “He and Alexandra love the artsy culture and laid-back lifestyle so much that they’re looking to buy a place there.”

The private couple secretly got married last April, a source reveals. The insider says that the “word is they exchanged vows before a small group of close friends and family in Malibu.” They’re now apparently focused on buying a home, and Berlin would make the most sense. Reeves is planning to see Grant more and work less. A source concludes, “Keanu’s friends haven’t seen him this content in years. It’s obvious that Alexandra — and Europe — are good for him!”

Is Keanu Reeves Retiring With His Wife?

This story contains a kernel full of truth. OK! calls Grant and Reeves a “fiercely private pair,” which is accurate. They rarely, if at all, discuss each other to the media. This is why it’s hard to believe that the tabloid could have any knowledge of this story. Only the couple’s inner-inner circle would know where they plan to live, and there’s no way a friend that close would spill those details to this crummy outlet.

A rep for Reeves actually would know what he’s up to. They called both the wedding report and the plan to move to Europe “completely false.” The Babes in Toyland star is enjoying his time in Berlin, where he’s often spotted walking around town, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to relocate his entire life to Germany. As for the myth about slowing down, the Point Break will have to do press, produce, and star in a few more John Wick films, so that will keep him very busy for years to come.

Wedding Stories Abound

OK! I am consumed by the thought of Grant and Keanu Reynolds getting married. It is bizarre that the story states that they got married in Malibu, April. It said Grant and Grant were married in their backyard back in April. It reported the Malibu wedding story in November 2019. The couple then reportedly got engaged in May 2020. This is absurd because of the sheer volume of stories.

Each month, a tabloid promises a Reeves marriage. But it never happens. He’s not retiring to Berlin either, so this story is completely false.

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  1. Somebody really should stop that insider from making any more comments… One can only suspect seeing she has been caught at it that Alexandra Grant herself is the insider! Alexandra Grant told Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore at a no make up party that she’s engaged to Keanu in which Keanu flat out denied! Alexandra Grant told Jennifer Tilly that Keanu is her boyfriend and according to Patricia’s August 4 2021 conversation with myself Keanu’s mom confirmed her son is single! Meg Tilly fingered Alexandra Grant as her own insider and source to all of these false Headlines regarding Keanu! Most of all Keanu’s own mother Patricia said to me a few months back that Last year her son cancelled the wedding fix but Alexandra still says they’re dating however Keanu’s mom went on to say Alexandra is a big fat liar. On August 4 2021 in a conversation with myself Keanu’s mom confirmed to me that she’s in Germany with her son and that her son is single and when I had asked Patricia if Alexandra Grant was there In Germany with her and her son Keanu’s mom told me No.


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