Keanu Reeves Debuts as Batman (Video)

Robert Pattinson is lighting up the box office with his superhero debut in “The Batman,” but another big star is set to take up the Bat-cowl in just a few months: Keanu Reeves.

The “Matrix” star will voice Bruce Wayne in the animated film “DC League of Super Pets,” which sees members of the Justice League get their own superpowered pets, with Superman’s beloved canine Krypto (Dwayne Johnson) leading them all.

Among the pets is a hound named Ace (Kevin Hart), who isn’t really into the idea of becoming a super-dog. But in the new trailer for the film, that starts to change when Ace meets Batman, and the two bond over their dark backstories and love of intense brooding.

Keanu Reeves ‘Would Love to Be John Constantine Again,’ Actor Says

2022 is setting up to be a big year for Batman. Along with Pattinson and Reeves’ portrayals of the Dark Knight, “Batman” veterans Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are set to return in “The Flash,” a film inspired by the seminal DC event comic “Flashpoint” that will see various eras of DC films collide. Keaton, who played Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s “Batman” films,” will also play the role in HBO Max’s upcoming “Batgirl.”

“DC League of Super-Pets” comes out May 20. Check out the clip above.

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