Katy Perry Shares Her Favorite Part of Her Year With Daughter Daisy

Plus it’s helped spark some inspiration as the 36-year-old finds herself smack dab “in the middle of a renovation project” at the three-story Montecito, Calif., mansion she shares with fiancé Orlando Bloom

Though she noted she’s “been exploring a lot of neutrals in my own personal wardrobe lately,” she still has love for her “go-to happy” palette of pastel shades and would be down to cover every last wall of the six-bedroom space in Breezeway—a soft, sea glass green.

Except for, perhaps, Daisy’s nursery, which could get a bold infusion of Bonfire Night, the medium-dark orange that pairs with the toddler’s beloved Bill Withers track. Admitted Perry, “It was really fun to think about maybe even painting a room to match a song.”

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