Katy Perry of American Idol is “ready” to quit the show, as she believes producers threw her ‘under the bus’ due to fan backlash.

KATY Perry revealed that she was ready to quit American Idol, after feeling betrayed and facing backlash from fans.

Katy said in an interview that, over the course of six years as a judge on this popular competition singing show, she had felt repeatedly “thrown beneath the bus” from those at the backend.

Katy Perry said she is ready to quit judging American Idol after hitting her breaking point with negative backlash this season


Katy Perry says she’s ready to leave American Idol judging after reaching her breaking point due to the backlash from this seasonCredit: Getty
New sources revealed the singer felt 'thrown under the bus' by American Idol producers and was edited as the 'nasty judge' this season


According to new sources, the American Idol producers felt that the singer was thrown under the “bus” and was edited into the role of the “nasty Judge” this season.Credit: Getty

After receiving criticism from viewers and audience, 38-year-old Singer has reached breaking point.

Katy is feeling like [the producers] Sources revealed that “they threw the girl under the car.” DailyMail.

They continued: “Katy became aware of the harsh criticism. She was really hurt by being booed. She wanted to go home, finish her task and stay on track.

She thought she would be fostering young talent. It was not her intention for her good intentions be misunderstood.

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She is now being seen as a bad reality show judge, despite all she has done in her professional career.

This season, however, was too much for Katy to deal with.

According to the sources, no salary amount would be enough to convince her to stay in the role after she sees what the “legacy” of the star has become.


Another interview, conducted shortly after the 21st season finale was broadcasted by the network, hinted the singer would be leaving.

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“I believe we need to have a discussion about it.” Katy stated: “I believe we are all going to talk about it this evening.” Additional InformationShe said yes when asked whether she’d return as a Judge next year.

“I am in love with my work and what I do.” I’m sure I would miss the opportunity to go out and do what these kids are able to.

After all the years, she admitted that “it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my friends.”

The fate of the star performer is still unknown.

We’ll see. We’ll see. “I’m so proud of what we’ve done thus far,” Katy stated.

A fan thought that the Teenage Dream star’s comments on an online forum hinted at her leaving the show.

It was written, in part: This year, she is more uncertain.

A second person agreed with the first, stating: “Katy has a net worth of over $300 million and does not need a job.”


American Idol’s fans are very vocal in their desire to have the show replaced with other judges, such as Lionel Richie or Luke Bryan.

Viewers have been adamant about the showrunners improving the reality singing competition and have aired the criticism over social media.

A fan demanded “New Judges please”

Another person said: “Of Course, I thought it was refreshing to see Alanis.” [Morissette] Ed [Sheeran] Last week.

I feel that the three of us have already said everything they will say, and it gets repetitious.

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One person said, “Make Alanis the permanent judge.” She gives honest feedback and radiates happiness.

After six years as a judge on the hit ABC show, Katy said she has been aware of the harsh criticism she has received from fans


Katy has said that she is aware of all the criticisms she’s received over the past six years.ABC
Katy Perry has been hinting that American Idol Season 21 would be her last as a judge after the airing of the live finale event on Sunday, May 21


Katy Perry teased that American Idol Season 21 was her final year as a judging after Sunday’s live finale.Credit: Getty
Some Idol fans have voiced their opinions over wanting to replace all three judges for Season 22, including Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan


Idol viewers have expressed their opinion about wanting all three judges to be replaced for Season 22 including Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Adam LambertCredit: Getty

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