Katy Perry is seen in a new photo tripping over her tight jacket and skirt after the American Idol Judge attends a coronation ceremony in London.

KATY Perry was caught on camera in a stumbling accident while sporting a skirt and jacket that were too tight.

The American Idol notable attended the coronation of King Charles in London.

Katy Perry stumbled while leaving Westminster Abbey


Katy Perry stumbles as she leaves Westminster AbbeyPhoto: Reuters
Katy struggled to see with her large hat and find her seat


Katy was unable to find her seat and struggled with her hat.Credit: BBC

Katy, a 38-year-old woman, wore a stunning pink dress with a large netted hat on her head.

Orlando Bloom’s fiancée flaunted her long legs with a skintight skirt cut at the knees.

While leaving Westminster Abbey, the Electric singer appeared to be having trouble with her white heels.

She stumbled after she twisted her legs crookedly and waved her arms.

Moment Katy Perry tries to find seat - and fans spot why she's struggling
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It appeared that she had lost her equilibrium and was trying to hold onto a neighboring person.


This is not the only blunder that occurred during the historic ceremony.

When the pop star arrived at the Abbey this morning, she seemed lost among the star-studded crowd, which included Dame Emma Thompson, Lord Lloyd-Webber, Dame Judi Dench, and Stephen Fry.

As she searched for her seat, the Dark Horse singer struggled to look through her netted large hat.

In the video, the 38-year-old singer awkwardly walked around the church and asked guests: “Is that seat free?”

One viewer tweeted: “She can’t see over her bl**dy hat.”

While another person added: “Exactly…blind spit galore.”

Missing IDOL

The I Kissed A Girl star and fellow judge Lionel Richie,73, are headlining the coronation concert at Windsor Castle on May 7th.

The two will be absent from the talent competition show as guests Ed Sheeran and Alanis Morrisette will fill in their empty spots.

Katy has recently spoken about her replacement by guest judges.You can also find out more about the people by clicking here.magazine.

The Grammy winner admitted: “I loved the reaction from the contestants,

Alanis Jagged Little Pill is my idol [Alanis’ award-winning breakout album] “Music is my passion.”

She added: “Ed Sheeran has been the most successful producer, author, artist and person in my life. Because I know he’s had a tough life, I am really looking forward to watching his documentary.

Katy’s conclusion: “These two are people who are always true to themselves, and real. “I think they’re awesome as judges.”


Meanwhile, critics have been vocal about the California Gurls singer bullying contestants, talking over judges, and other rude behavior during the program.

She previously mocked contestant Colin Stough’s Southern accent and made a “mom-shaming” comment at contestant Sara Beth Lieb.

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The TV personality has ignored the backlash from viewers.

Katy shares her two-year-old daughter, Daisy Dove, with The Lord of the Rings actor.

Katy attened the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla


Katy attended the coronation ceremony of King Charles II and Queen CamillaCredit: Getty
Katy Perry posed with Lionel Richie and her American Idol co-stars


Katy Perry with Lionel Richie & American Idol Co-StarsCredit: Getty
Katy pictured on the set of American Idol


Katy on American IdolCredit: Getty

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