Katie Thurston Pregnancy Rumors Star Finally Responds By Disclaiming it!

Katie Thurston visited her Instagram For medical advice, she will be sharing stories over the weekend. She hoped that her followers would be able to diagnose her symptoms. Given the power of the internet, she was able to diagnose her symptoms. Bachelorette, We were able to stop any rumors about Katie’s pregnancy-related symptoms. What is the problem with Katie? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Katie Thurston Thanks ‘Internet Rumors’To make friends with a former suitor 

Blake Moynes is engaged to Katie Thurston. But, several weeks before the finale, there were major internet rumors about her final rose choice. She shared a photo in which she was eating at a San Diego cafe. Eagle-eyed fans noticed one of her Season17 contestants in the background. It sparked speculation that he was her final choice.

Some fans thought Katie had accidentally spoiled the ending of her season. However, the man in question – John Hersey – went home early on in the season. John and Katie returned to San Diego recently to recreate the viral photo.

Katie shouts out to the author in the caption “internet rumors” That led to a friendship between Hersey and Katie. Katie recently moved from Washington to San Diego. This move was planned long before she appeared on ABC’s dating show. Of course, fans wonder why Katie didn’t move to Canada to be with Blake. She explained that they are too overwhelmed by the bureaucracy of moving to another nation.

Katie Thurston Pregnancy Rumors Star Finally Responds By Disclaiming it!

Former Bachelorette Seeks Medical Advice – What’s Wrong With Her?

Katie feels a strong connection to her social media fans. Before appearing on The BachelorSeason 25, Katie already had a substantial following on TikTok. So, it’s no surprise that she often asks her Instagram followers for advice and feedback.

She took to her Instagram over the weekend to get some thoughts on what’s plaguing her. Katie said that she’s tired all the time and sleeps too little. Katie stated that she lacks energy which affects her social life.

Katie is tired even with healthy eating habits and sleep,

Katie Thurston Bans Pregnancy Speculation 

Katie was a woman in her child-bearing years and received numerous DMs indicating that she may be pregnant. Even her husband blew up her phone when he saw her post. Katie quickly put to rest any rumors that could have started.

She is not pregnant.

But not everyone would agree with that suggestion. She also shared other reasons for her tiredness in another video clip.

Her followers come through with possible diagnoses 

Katie Thurston’s followers were quick with the medical advice. Katie was suggested by several people to have her thyroid tested. After receiving the recommendations, Katie ordered an at-home thyroid test.

Other possibilities include low iron levels or a deficiency in essential vitamins. Katie immediately ordered vitamins online and took this advice to heart.

Katie plans to seek professional advice and guidance from her doctor. She also promised to share her findings with her followers.

Are you sure Katie Thurston was smart enough to immediately shut down pregnancy rumors? What do you think could be causing Katie’s fatigue? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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