Katharine McPhee’s Secret Trick for Dealing with Critics is Surprisingly Easy

Katharine McPhee's Secret Trick for Dealing with Critics is Surprisingly Easy

Katharine McPhee (left) and David Foster (right) have had their fair share of criticisms on social media about their age gaps. The former however, is a positive example. “American Idol”Star doesn’t waste time with the haters. McPhee shared her approach to criticism. Fox News “So I’m going to spend about as little time on it as the person who decided to write it in the first place. I’m sure they don’t even think about it 5 seconds later, after posting it.”It wasn’t the first time she spoke out about her practical approach to dealing trolls. She made a 2021 public appearance. “Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast” (via Page SixMcPhee claimed that McPhee was right, and she “totally get[s] the judgment initially,” she’s “in love with [their] love story, and that’s all that matters.”

Foster is acutely aware of McPhee’s judgments about his relationship with McPhee, but he has taken criticism in stride. He told the story in October 2022. People that he knows they’re an “unconventional couple.”He acknowledged that it can be strange to have a large age gap at first. However, he said, “But I think we’re over that hump now with five years of being together, and hopefully, people just start looking like we belong together because we feel like we do.”McPhee joined in to defend their relationship. She elaborated. “Even if they don’t, we don’t care. We just love our history, how we met and where we are now.”

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