Kate Beckinsale Las Vegas injury Concerned fans send well wishes after Hospitalization!

Fans send well wishes to Pearl Harbor star Kate Beckinsale. TMZ According to reports, the actress sustained a back injury while filming in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Prisoner’s Daughter. Beckinsale was filming at MGM Grand when her back hurt. She was transported in an ambulance to receive further treatment. It happened Friday, September 10, at 10:30 am.

Just one day prior to her injury, she posted a photo of herself in Vegas on Thursday, Sept. 9, wearing a long white dress, fishnet stockings, combat boots, and a floral headband. Sources inform the media outlet that Beckinsale had been in Vegas for approximately a week prior to being admitted. The Daughter of a Prisoner This drama tells the story of her struggle to reconnect with her father after she has served 12 years in prison.

It is not clear how Beckinsale’s back got out. She was being closely monitored at the time of these reports. She has never been diagnosed with any illnesses. Since the news about her hospitalization broke, the British-born star did not make any official comments. Fans with the 48-year old a speedy and complete recovery.

Kate Beckinsale Las Vegas injury Concerned fans send well wishes after Hospitalization!

Support Kate Beckinsale by a Twitter user

Beckinsale is a beloved star. The Twitter user offers Beckinsale the chance to DM him if necessary. He has also suffered from a back injury, so he can sympathize with any pain she might be experiencing.

Twitter user sends love and support to Kate Beckinsale

Beckinsale is currently unwell. This Twitter user hopes that Beckinsale is okay.

A Twitter user adds humor to Kate Beckinsale’s back injury report

It’s said that laughter is the best medicine. This Twitter user wishes Beckinsale would return to social networking to share the positive energy she’s been known for sharing on the platform.

Twitter user claims Kate Beckinsale has become a favorite of theirs

This Twitter user is a huge Fan. Beckinsale’s recovery is his prayer.

Twitter user wishes Kate Beckinsale good luck

One fan sent the actress a brief but sweet note. Beckinsale has been missing from social media ever since her injury.

Twitter user sends Kate Beckinsale hug and kisses

Perhaps this Twitter user has had back injuries. He seems to be well aware of the difficulties involved in recovery.

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