Kanye “Ye”West shares sweet video of Saint and Tom Brady playing catch

This may be the most adorable footage ever!

Ye, also known as Kanye WestA video was shared by. Tom BradyHis and he played a special round on catch. Kim KardashianSon Saint. The clip was posted to the “Famous”Instagram photo by rapper Saint. Tom and Tom engage in some Goat talk as they pass a football in a special suite. “You catch it good too,”The quarterback spoke to the 5-year-old. “Say, ‘Daddy, you’re gonna have to throw me the ball all the time now.'”

The game was interrupted by the revelation that Saint, a 44-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneer, had more interest in catch then his children. John, BenjaminAnd Vivian. “You’re going to keep daddy super busy,”The athlete stated. “I always tell my kids to play catch with me and they like ‘dad, that’s enough.'”

Saint assured the MVP that Saint’s mind wasn’t solely on football. “I like basketball too,”He shared. Saint responded to Tom’s inquiry about whether Saint was interested in skiing. “never did it.”Saint and Tom both realized that they are not very good at soccer.

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