Kanye West Shows Off New Hoodies in “Heaven and Hell”, Video

Kanye West debuted his “Heaven and Hell” video during Monday’s College Football Playoff National Championship game. The song appears on West’s DondaIt arrived in August.

The video, which serves double-duty as a Yeezy Gap ad that also showcases the brand’s new hoodies, is set at night as people roam around a city wearing the dark hoodies. Shadows cover faces and masks conceal them. It all culminates with a sea of clouds swirling in the sky and floating bodies.

West and Netflix had announced Act One of their three-part documentary earlier in the day. jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, will premiere in theaters on Feb. 10, a week before the start of Netflix’s rollout. Netflix will release the trilogy that follows West’s careerAnd features never-before-seen footage beginning on Feb. 16. The documentary will feature footage that was shot over the course of more than two decades by directors Coodie & Chike — the duo behind several of the artist’s videos, including “Through the Wire” and “Jesus Walks (Version 3).”

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