Kanye West Reportedly Removed from The Grammys Performance Lineup

Kanye West Reportedly Removed from The Grammys Performance Lineup

Already, the 2022 Grammys were marked by significant developments. It looks like there are more to come ahead of the April 4 show. For starters, there was behind-the-scenes drama involving Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo over the latter’s album credits. Then rumors began swirling that, given their notorious history, something allegedly underhanded was afoot by Swift and Kanye West occupying major categories together – prompting a response from the Recording Academy itself. And now, West has reportedly been removed outright from the night’s performance lineup, reportedly over a very tense, ongoing situation.

A representative of the rapper was confirmed to VarietyIt is possible that reports that he was not allowed to perform (as originally planned, alongside Billie Eilish or Lil Nas X) were true. The insider wouldn’t go into further details, only linked a story from The BlastThe outlet was used as a reference point. Their initial story cited the reason behind the Grammys’ decision was due to Kanye West’s “concerning online behavior”Of late

The following provides context: “On God”The social media company claimed that the rapper had violated its policies regarding online harassment and hate speech. It is widely believed that the reason for the suspension was his (since-deleted), posts inciting ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and Pete Davidson, her current boyfriend. Also, he used a racial slur to Trevor Noah (official host of the Grammys). Kardashian believes it was completely accidental. “fair”To suspend her ex-partner from the app

The Game, who was featured in the Pete Davidson diss track, does not believe Kanye West should be punished for his online behavior. His blog. Instagram, the two-time Grammy winner admonished the award show’s latest decision on the performance lineup, speculating that Trevor Noah’s tenure as host had something to do with his collaborator’s ousters or was blowback from West’s social media suspension, or perhaps both, and he isn’t happy about it. He wrote:

We’ll just say it’s all of the above & a continuous disrespect for us & all that we have brought to the table in entertainment, media & sports over the last 100 years especially. Speak your mind in this country for yourself, family or your people & you’re ostracized immediately & if you push them hard enough they will stop at no ends to try and put an end to you as a whole….

Though the oft-controversial rapper isn’t performing at the Grammys, he is still up for some major nominations, including Album of the Year and Best Rap Album for Donda. And if Ye should win, there’s a firm chance that we’ll hear his take on recent events in live time, as Taylor Swift knows all too well. 

The 2022 Grammys will air on April 3, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. It will also be streamable with a Paramount+ subscription. This is a key event on the 2022 TV calendar.

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