Kanye West is reported to have gone on a date with Adam Sandler after buying a house by Kim Kardashian’s

Kanye West is reported to have gone on a date with Adam Sandler after buying a house by Kim Kardashian's

The past few months have been busy for Kanye West. After spending 2021 promoting his album, the rapper embarked upon a crusade in an effort to save his marriage with Kim Kardashian. West has been vocal about his desire for his wife’s return. Recognizing past mistakesIn a sincere Thanksgiving prayer. He recently bought a house in her neighbourhood, which was a move that shocked the Kardashian family (sans Kim). Thinks it is “a little bit weird.” Despite his apparent attempts to repair his relationship, though, it would appear that he’s settling into the single life, as he was spotted with one of Adam Sandler’s former co-stars. 

The musician was seen chatting with Julia Fox who stars alongside Adam Sandler. Uncut Gems. TMZAccording to reports, the couple was seen together in Miami where they went on a date at Carbone restaurant. At this time, the site’s sources allege that there’s nothing serious going on between the two. Fox also stated this later. Page Six that she doesn’t know if she and Ye will be going out again. 

Julia Fox has also been going through some drama in her relationships, just like the rapper. The actress enjoyed the holidays. Peter Artemiev was called to her rescue.For allegedly being a “dead beat dad.”She also claimed that he had abandoned her and Valentino (their five-month old son) and left a few expenses. Artemiev has since denied the claims, calling his wife’s accusations “utterly false statements.”

Kanye West is still linked to several other women after Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in Feb 2021. Kanye West was first linked with model Irina Shahk in June. According to reports, the union broke up in August. Later, West was reported to have been dating Vinetria (22-year-old Instagram model), before They also split in Dec

These reported flings, admittedly, are surprising, given the Grammy winner’s recent appeals to his estranged spouse. In recent months, he’s claimed that there are people in his wife’s ear, who are telling her to leave him. He’s even asserted that He hasn’t seen any paperwork regarding divorce.

Kim Kardashian is determined to move on with her life. Kim Kardashian filed a petition in court recently to be legally declared single. She filed the following: Kardashian declaredThat “irreconcilable differences have existed and continue to exist”She and the father of her children. She stated that she believes both her and her ex-partner are responsible for her four children’s lives. “deserve the opportunity to build new lives.” And the SKIMS founder seems to be attempting to do just that, as she’s reportedly dating Pete Davidson.

All this could indicate that Kanye West may be ready for a new chapter of his life. Then again, it’s honestly hard to say with the eccentric fashion mogul, as he might not be done trying to get his wife back. Honestly, I’ll be curious to see how things play out with the divorce proceedings and whether he manages to find a serious new love.

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